Macau Office

World Vision began helping orphans in Macau as early as the 1960s. In 1991, World Vision started raising funds for local and overseas emergency relief. World Vision of Macau Association was officially established in 1993 to further mobilise the people of Macau to care for the needy and support via donation. It also organises Famine activities and school talks to raise awareness about the needs of developing countries.


Become a Sponsor

For just MOP279 a month, you can help a child in need, and assist his family and community to become self-sufficient in the long run.

Childhood Rescue

For just a monthly donation of MOP155 or above, you can help Children in the World's Most Dangerous Places to Survive, Recover and Build a Future

Emergency Relief

Your donation provides immediate support for survivors to overcome difficult times.

Get Involved

Sponsor Gatherings

World Vision organises gatherings for child sponsors to meet one another, share the joy of sponsorship, and gain a better understanding of impoverished children and their communities. 

School Participation

Students become more aware of the conditions of impoverished children, and reflect on their role as a global citizen through school talks and other educational activities.

Church Involvement

Through church activities, serve and care for the people in need.  Follow in Jesus’ footsteps to help every child lives life to the fullest.

Macau Famine

Through joining various Famine activities, you can help raise funds for hungry children and families and be the voice of the world’s hungry.

Become a Volunteer

Become a World Vision volunteer and support our promotional activities, professional services or office administrative work, regardless of your age, gender or background. (Contact Us)

Read 30 Years Together for Children

Revisit the history of World Vision in Macau and its stories of walking with impoverished children with partners as you read the 30th anniversary commemorative book.