Prayer Support

We cordially invite you to pray, as Christ did, for vulnerable and needy people.

  • Pray for Emergency Relief

    Last update: August 2021

    On 14 August, Haiti was hit by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake, causing at least 1,900 deaths and thousands of injuries. Having lost their homes in an instant, the survivors are exposed to further risks such as aftershocks and an imminent tropical storm. Haiti has long been struggling with different issues, apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, more than four million Haitians are threatened by food insecurity. The assassination of President Moise last month has also left the country in a political stalemate.

    Please pray for vulnerable children and families suffering because of the earthquake in Haiti:

    • We proclaim in the name of the Saviour Jesus Christ that God’s peace, grace, protection and power are with Haiti.
    • May God deliver those who are still trapped, heal the wounded, and provide sufficient food and shelter for the needy.
    • We pray for those whose lost their home and families, may God comfort their heart and spirit, may their sorrow be released and wrapped in God’s love.
    • We pray for all frontline humanitarians, especially the leaders, to lead the relief work with wisdom, energy and resources from God, so that they can carry out their rescue operations quickly and effectively.
    • May the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of the public and Christian communities, bringing the needs of Haiti into their sight and heart, and that more Christians would remember those who suffer in Haiti, especially vulnerable families and children.
    • Amid the prevailing social unrest, faith-based organisations have taken up the responsibility of taking care of orphans. Pray for strength, wisdom and love for the caregivers, that they would be able to protect and care for these most vulnerable children.

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    Haiti Earthquake Relief
  • Last update: August 2021

    On 4 August 2020, a massive explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, Lebanon, killing over 200 people and injuring more than 6,500. Regarded as a disaster at the worst possible time, the explosion in the Port of Beirut continues to exacerbate the already grim economic and food security situation in Lebanon. With soaring unemployment rates, many families have been struggling to make ends meet, while the Lebanese Pound’s plunge causes prices to rise and poverty rate to surge.

    Please pray for the children and famili
    es who are trying hard to rehabilitate their houses and hearts:

    • May God heal the injured and the children affected by this traumatic experience, lead them walk out of the shadow of trauma.
    • Pray for the reconstruction of homes and restoration of community life. May the families and children be always filled with Lord’s providence and love.
    • Pray for the stability and recovery of the political and economic status in Lebanon, so that people will not fall into long-term poverty.
    • May God lead the rehabilitation work of World Vision and other humanitarian organisations. May God bring in necessary resources to build a safe living environment and restore their hope for the future.
    • May God help brothers and sisters remember the plight of the children so that they would not be forgotten.

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  • Last update: August 2021

    People in various African countries, especially Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan in the east, have been suffering from conflicts, climate change, and frequent disasters such as droughts, floods, cyclones and locusts; economic losses caused by COVID-19 has also exacerbated the food crisis in those countries. In East Africa, more than 7 million people are on the verge of starvation. The rising food insecurity is putting more women and girls at risk of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, etc.

    Please pray for the vulnerable children and families who are on the verge of starvation:

    • We proclaim in the name of the Saviour Jesus Christ that with the earnest prayers of His people, God’s love, mercy and richness will overflow the land, especially in the suffering countries of East Africa.
    • We pray that God would help and protect hungry children, heal those that suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition and traumas.
    • We pray for an end to all ongoing conflicts, that civilians could return home and children would be free from all forms of violence and return to school.
    • May God bring in necessary resources and lead frontline humanitarians to enter communities successfully and meet the local needs effectively. May God protect them from contracting diseases.
    • We pray that Christians and churches would continue to remember children and families’ needs in East Africa, and shine brightly in the darkness.

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  • Last update: August 2021

    Due to conflicts, flooding and impacts of COVID-19, around 4 million South Sudanese become displaced, an estimate of around 5.8 million people in South Sudan are experiencing food insecurity, 1.4 million South Sudanese children under 5 and another 483,000 pregnant and lactating women are acutely malnourished. The most vulnerable groups include newly displaced families, communities hosting large numbers of displaced and recently returned refugees, and households headed by a single parent or looking after older people, or people with disabilities. They urgently need food, clean water and a sanitary and safe living places.

    Please remember the South Sudan families and children in your prayers.

    • Pray for an end to natural disasters and Covid-19 pandemic in South Sudan, that civilians could return home, women and children be free from all forms of violence.
    • Pray that God would provide South Sudanese with sufficient food, protect and heal those that suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition.
    • Pray for the women and children affected by traumatic experience. During the rehabilitation of South Sudan, may God comfort the souls and heal the wounds.
    • Pray for suitable climate for growing crops and an improvement in the country’s economy.
    • Pray for frontline humanitarians to effectively meet the needs in communities and protect them from contracting the virus.
    • May God help brothers and sisters remember the plight of the refugee children so that they would not be forgotten.

  • Last update: June 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, posing a greater threat to many developing countries and refugee communities. Facing food and water crises, poor living conditions, shortages of medical equipment and protective gears, poor communities are simply unable to resist the spread of the virus. Coupled with unemployment caused by the economic recession, vulnerable families and children suffer extreme poverty, livelihood pressure and potential violence. In recent days, the situation in India has been severe, overwhelming the local medical system and claiming many lives due to the lack of medical treatment. The situation is heart-breaking.

    Please pray for the vulnerable children and families affected by COVID-19:

    • We proclaim in the name of the Saviour Jesus Christ that God’s goodness and light will be released in darkness and sorrow and lead the world.
    • We pray for full recovery for over a billion people around the world that are currently infected with the virus and for comfort and peace for the many people who have lost their loved ones. May God work miracles in families who are desperate because of helplessness in the lack of medical treatment.
    • We pray for protection over medical personnel and other agencies on the frontline from contracting the virus.
    • We pray for wisdom for leaders and decision makers in various countries to help affected children and families survive the crisis and bring hope to them despite the multiple threats caused by the pandemic and economic recession.
    • May God lead the work of World Vision and other agencies, bring in the necessary resources, and protect children and families.

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  • Last update: April 2021

    It has been ten years since Syria’s civil war broke out in March 2011. Half of the country’s population is displaced, nearly 600,000 have been killed, including 55,000 children. 4.8 million Syrian children have been born straight into the thick of conflict, losing access to education, healthcare and livelihoods, as well as suffering psychosocial effects and even becoming victims of child marriage. While children have lost their dignity, identity and the hope for future, the cruel war that has brought about so many tragedies is yet to end.

    Please remember Syria’s children and families in your prayers.

    • May God grant peace and cease the war in Syria, so that civilians may no longer suffer in fear and desperation.

    • Pray for the children affected by this traumatic experience, may God’s love and mercy comfort their vulnerable souls, heal the wounds, lead them out of death, poverty and sorrow, and restore their hope for future and life.

    • May God protect and strengthen all humanitarian workers, lead the work of World Vision and other agencies. May God bring in the necessary resources to the vulnerable children and families.

    • May God stir the hearts of world leaders, so that they will protect the affected children and families and bring peace to Syria with continued actions.

    • May God move more brothers and sisters to show concern for the plight of the refugee children and families, so that they would not be forgotten.

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  • Last update: April 2021

    Since the conflict broke out in Rakhine State, Myanmar in August 2017, over 860,000 Rohingyas - more than half of whom are children - are stuck in the world’s largest and most densely populated refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. They are stateless and unprotected by international refugee law, enduring poverty, human trafficking, malnutrition and natural disasters. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, they now have even less protection as humanitarian activity in the camp has become limited. Worse still, a massive fire broke out in the camp in March 2021, which saw several hundred people killed, injured or gone missing, with tens of thousands of survivors once again losing their shelters and all their belongings. Many Rohingya refugees have tried different ways to enter neighbouring countries and seek asylum, but were either rejected or repatriated to Myanmar, leaving their lives at risk.

    Please pray for the Rohingya refugees:

    • Refugee families and children have no citizenship, rights and protection, struggling to survive every day. May God stretch His mighty hands to deliver them out of danger and lead them to a place with peace.

    • Refugees are facing the stress of a traumatic past, instability, resettlement and an uncertain future, may God send His servants to help and comfort them, and bless them with strength and hope.

    • Pray for strength and wisdom for World Vision staff  as they carry out work near the Myanmar-Bangladesh border.

    • The situation in neighbouring countries has become tense. May God put an end to all conflicts and rebuild communities with His grace and peace.

    • Pray that more Christians will remember the plight of the refugees with mercy and in their prayers, so that refugees’ cries may be heard.

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  • Pray for the end of violence against children

    Last update: November 2017

    Over 1 billion children experience violence every year globally. Violence threatens their survival and health, robs them of their right to education, and causes short and long-term physical, emotional and social consequences. It is important to address these issues and offer counselling and assistance to the victims, so that they feel safe and have their immediate needs met.

    • May God heal and restore the lives of children affected by violence, helping them to deal with any physical, psychological or social hindrance brought about by violence.
    • May God provide care, health, psychological assistance, justice and support to children who have experienced the loss of a parent and/or sibling due to violence.
    • May God protect the children who live in countries with conflicts, or have experienced natural disasters recently.
    • May God bring shelter to the children that have been forcibly displaced.
    • May God protect all children from exploitation and harm, and let them experience His love.

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  • Last update: November 2017

    Many of the issues of violence, such as child labour, child marriage, child sacrifice, are prohibited by laws which, however, are not always enforced. Each one of us is called to speak out for orphans and the poor.

    • May God lead governments around the world to enact and endorse laws to protect children.
    • May God bring equality and universal access to education.
    • May God bring income and economic development opportunities to vulnerable households.
    • May God lead governments to create a strong labour market and a stable environment, so that child labour can be eliminated in the supply chains.

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  • Pray for World Vision of Macau Association

    Last update: December 2019

    We thank God for the peace and grace we have enjoyed in 2019. We are truly blessed to have been able to not only live a life of peace and abundance but also help others in need.

    • Give thanks to God for the citizens of Macau. For the days to come, pray that they may rely on God, follow His teaching and have the greatest peace of mind in times of prosperity and adversity.
    • Pray for the citizens of Macau, that they may understand more about themselves and the world, and devote themselves more in helping the needy in the coming year.
    • Pray for children and families affected by conflicts and extreme weather, that they may rebuild their homes soon.

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