Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response




Refugees remain in peril after 18 months

Last Update:2019/03/12

In August 2017, conflict broke out in Rakhine State, Myanmar. As of now, over 920,000 people, mostly Rohingyas, are stuck in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, not knowing when to return home. Though escaped from violence and persecution, the refugees not only have to overcome their traumatic experiences in the past, but also face threats like poverty, human trafficking, malnutrition and natural disasters, making them reliant on humanitarian assistance.

View video to watch the situation in camp and hear children's wishes (English subtitles)

World Vision's Response

Since we began our response in September 2017, we have served over 264,800 refugees through the following response:

Food Assistance

  • Provide nutritious food packages to refugees and host communities
  • Provide malnutrition screening and treatment for children under the age of five

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Construct latrines and install handwashing facilities and bathing spaces
  • Distribute hygiene kits , jerry cans and water chlorination tablet packages
  • Construct or rehabilitate wells to increase water supply


  • Distribute non-food items, such as tents, kitchen kits, baby kits, tarpaulins and blankets
  • Initiate cash-for-work activities to improve the infrastructure of refugee camps and restore the dignity of refugees


  • Establish Child Friendly Spaces and child protection committees to provide support and protection for children
  • Provide psychosocial support for families and training on preventing gender-based violence

World Vision constructs wells in refugee camps to provide clean water.

In a Child Friendly Space, children can enjoy a rare moment of happiness by taking part in activities such as drawing.

In order to protect women, World Vision set up women-and-girls only bathing spaces.

During the monsoon season, World Vision distributed bamboo poles, rope and tarpaulins to reinforce their shelters, and provided training on how to repair shelters and renovate tents.

To eradicate malnutrition, World Vision provides malnutrition screening and treatment for lactating mothers and children under the age of five.

Currently, the refugees’ situation remain adverse. After fleeing violence in Myanmar, these people live in the world’s largest, most crowded refugee camp battling to survive seasonal monsoon rains. Hazards included flooding, landslides, collapsed or damaged shelters, contaminated water, overflowing latrines and risk of disease. Not formally recognised as refugees, they are also deprived of the rights and protection that refugees elsewhere are entitled to.

World Vision staff will continue to work on the ground and provide assistance to affected children, women and host communities. Our work will include:

  • Provide fresh food vouchers to pregnant and lactating mothers so they can purchase fresh, nutritious food for themselves and their children
  • Provide life skills development support to women and youth in the camps, especially those affected by violence and exploitation, so they can live resilient lives
  • Focus on child protection, including psychosocial care for children and skills training for survivors of gender-based violence

These refugees urgently need your help. Please ACT NOW!

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