Ukraine Crisis Response




One Year On, Ukraine’s Children and Families Still Need Help

Last Update:2023/02/24

The situation in Ukraine remains tense as the war goes on without signs of ending.

According to the United Nations, since the beginning of the conflict in February 2022, more than 8 million people in Ukraine, 90% of them women and children, have fled to countries such as Romania, Poland and Moldova. Within Ukraine, another 6 million people have been forced to flee their homes and are displaced within the country. In total, a third of Ukraine’s pre-war population and two-thirds of its children have now fled their homes because of the war, and they are in great need of emergency assistance.

We know that life can change in an instant and that conflict causes immediate and long-lasting physical, emotional, and mental harms to children, families, and communities. When fleeing, children and family members can even be separated, increasing their vulnerability and risks of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

According to a report by World Vision, the ongoing war is subjecting children to constant fear and hopelessness, leaving some 1.5 million of them at risk of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which require timely intervention and support.

As Ukraine is one of the world’s major food exporters, while oil and gas supply pipelines run through the country to reach other parts of Europe, the crisis is leading to increased food and fuel prices, which will aggravate the existing food and economic crises, and impact other countries.

Our work

A while ago, Mike Weickert, an experienced World Vision humanitarian, shared the progress of World Vision’s Ukraine Crisis Response with Hong Kong donors in a webinar.

World Vision is conducting a multi-country response operation to respond to the needs within Ukraine, as well as to support refugees in Romania, Moldova, Georgia and populations feeling the impacts of the crisis in Eastern Europe.

As of January 2023, thanks to the support of donors in Hong Kong and around the world, we have already reached 656,320 people, including 251,507 children, in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. Our works include:

  • 3,289 metric tons of food assistance distributed, reaching 355,184 people
  • 103,548 people reached with cash and voucher
  • 40,222 people reached with temporary shelter assistance and 5,220 shelter/winterization kits distributed
  • 30,107 children supported with education programming
  • 155,669 hygiene kits distributed to needy families, reaching 96,664 people
  • 36,518 people benefitting from mental health and psychosocial support
  • 2,215 people provided with livelihood support services

As the war continues, refugees and those that are displaced within the country are desperately in need of all kinds of help.

Please act now to help the children and families of Ukraine at this difficult time.

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, World Vision Romania staff members have been providing assistance at the border for families who have arrived from Ukraine.

World Vision collaborates with partners to deliver supplies to Ukraine, supporting children and families seeking refuge in a local hospital.

World Vision runs art therapy sessions and different activities to help refugee children relieve their emotional stress and allow them to enjoy social life.

World Vision Georgia assists displaced children who have fled there to continue their education in formal schools./i>

World Vision distributes warm clothing to help families withstand the cold weather.

Refugee children from Ukraine can play freely in Child Friendly Spaces operated by World Vision. Here they can also learn, take part in art workshops and receive psychosocial support.

While fleeing in hurry, this family from Ukraine could only pack the most important objects, but not daily essentials. They are happy to receive hygiene kits from World Vision, which they can use in the place that they are currently staying.

World Vision and other NGOs are funding a refugee centre in Romania, where refugee families are offered accommodation, food, social services and language classes, while their children can take part in activities such as Zumba and drawing classes.

  1. Hong Kong
    Please prepare a crossed cheque payable to “World Vision Hong Kong” together with your personal details and mail it to us at World Vision Hong Kong, Freepost No. 69. Please mark “Ukraine Crisis Response” on the envelope.

    Please prepare a crossed cheque payable to “World Vision of Macau Association” together with your personal details and mail it to us at World Vision of Macau Association, P.O. Box 530, Macau. Please mark “Ukraine Crisis Response” on the envelope.

  2. Bank Account (Hong Kong):
    Hang Seng Bank: 286-364385-003
    Bank of China: 012-883-0-002502-5

    You may also use online bank transfer or scan the Faster Payment System (FPS) QR code (image below) with any supporting mobile banking app to donate. If you need a donation receipt, please mail us the bank-in slip or send the screen capture of the confirmation page (recipient: World Vision Hong Kong) to [email protected], together with your name, phone number and postal address.

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  4. Remarks: Unused donations from this appeal will be allocated for other World Vision relief work.