Emergency Relief

Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Relief

Last Saturday, a tsunami hit Sunda Strait, Indonesia, killing 222 and injuring 843. The country has experienced 3 disaster in the past 4 months. Please support the affected...

Africa Hunger Relief

South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are currently facing a hunger crisis, brought about by factors such as drought, flooding and ongoing conflicts. As of today, the ongoing crisis has left 22 mil......

South Sudan Refugee Crisis Response

Since December 2013, South Sudan has been in the midst of an armed conflict. Over 4 million people have lost their homes and become displaced. More than 2.4 million of them are now seeking refuge in n......

Philippines Typhoon Relief

Last week, Typhoon Mangkhut hit northern Luzon, the Philippines, causing massive destruction in many provinces.

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response

To escape from violence and persecution, over 890,000 people, mostly Rohingyas, have fled home and stuck in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

India Floods Relief

Since June this year, the state of Kerala in southern India has been hit by extremely severe floods of a scale unrivalled in almost a century.

Whether it is an unexpected natural disaster or an ongoing adversity brought by poverty, both of which have ravaged precious lives and homes. After a disaster strikes, World Vision responds immediately:

Immediate Response

  • Offer emergency supplies including food, water and other basic necessities
  • Provide psychosocial support for survivors to release their post-disaster distress and regain hope

Long-term Plan

  • Carry out rehabilitation projects to help the affected to restore their livelihoods
  • Prepare future disaster response measures and mechanism, and help the community to learn about Disaster Risk Reduction

World Vision Hong Kong has always been prudent in managing donations received through fundraising. Administrative costs are strictly monitored. Over 90% of our funds raised are used directly on our global relief and rehabilitation work in areas where World Vision staff are stationed to ensure appropriate use of funds and that implemented programmes are up to standard. Please click here for information on Use of Donations, Relief Work Reports and Annual Reports.

Relief Work Report

Response Process