Local Programme

Poverty and disparity between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong are becoming more serious than before. The Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2020, published by the Hong Kong Government in November 2021, stated that the poor population had increased to 1.653 million persons, while the poverty rate had reached a record high of 23.6%. The gap between the rich and poor has been widened over the years. According to the figures from the 2016 Population By-census by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Gini Coefficient then had already reached 0.539, which is significantly higher than 0.4, a sign of severe income inequality.

The rate of unemployment and underemployment increased in the city due to pandemic in recent years. Grass-roots families become more difficult to make ends meet while living on a tight budget. In light of the situation, World Vision Hong Kong has launched our Local Programme in collaboration with professional organisations and partners, and started to provide material support and care towards those in need. We focus on four pillars of work, “Nutrition and Health”, “Experiential Learning and Learning Support”, “Mental Wellness” and “Living Environment”, in order to help grass-roots parents and their children become resilient, while allowing the children to develop both their bodies and minds to stay healthy.

Pillars of Work under Our Local Programme

Nutrition and Health

A balanced diet is the basis for the development of children’s intellectual and physical wellness. It is also crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty across generations.

Experiential Learning and Learning Support

It is essential for grass-roots children to have the chance to enjoy diverse and inspiring resources and opportunities for learning, as well as positive family and social relationships, in order for them to overcome deprivation.

Mental Wellness

The mental wellness of parents and caregivers also plays a key role in the physical and mental development of grass-roots children.

Living Environment

The living environment of grass-roots families is crowded, and basic furniture such as desks and chairs are often lacking. Children have to crouch on the bed to do their homework and take online classes, which affect their physical growth.

Other Projects

In addition to the four pillars of work, we partner with local welfare organisations, churches and professional organisations, and offer timely and specific short-term projects in response to the needs of grass-roots families during different occasions to help parents and children become resilient.