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Last Update:2024/05/02

Long road of recovery for children and families in Afghanistan after earthquakes

On 7 October 2023, a series of earthquakes, the strongest at 6.3 magnitude, shook western Afghanistan. In the week that followed, multiple aftershocks reaching magnitude 5 to 6 also took place. Many houses have collapsed and some remote villages have even been wholly destroyed. In total, it is estimated that around 48,000 houses have been partially or fully destroyed. The earthquakes have killed close to 1,500 people and injured around 2,600 people. Out of the 275,000 people directly affected by the earthquakes, 60% are children.

World Vision has been working for over 20 years in Afghanistan. After the earthquakes, World Vision swiftly responded by sending out our mobile health teams to support the affected people, and began distributing various relief supplies. As of 31 March 2024, we have reached 129,100 people with support, including:

  • Providing 18,550 people with food assistance
  • Distributing cash support to 14,609 people so they can buy food and basics for their families
  • Providing 44,078 people with health, nutrition and psychosocial support
  • Providing 46,655 people with assistance in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and non-food items such as blankets and firewood during the cold winter

  • Watch and learn more about how the earthquakes have affected the people and witness what our response has been able to achieve so far:

    Prior to the earthquakes, Afghanistan had already been experiencing multiple challenges due to ongoing climate and food crises, as well as a struggling economy after decades of conflict and transitions of power. An estimated 23.7 million people–more than half of Afghanistan’s population–are in need of humanitarian assistance. In the earthquake-affected communities, more needs have arisen, especially in the area of mental health. Through distributing food, providing mobile health services, psychosocial support and more, World Vision is committed to continuing our support to these communities to help them gradually recover from the earthquakes, rebuild their lives and future.

    The series of earthquakes led to serious damages and casualties in the affected area. Some villages were wholly destroyed.

    World Vision’s mobile health teams provide wound treatment, nutrition support and psychosocial counselling services for the affected people.

    World Vision runs Child-Friendly Spaces for affected children, allowing them to gradually recover from their traumatic experiences through engaging in play and art activities.

    World Vision distributed food to help affected communities meet their most urgent needs.

    World Vision distributed blankets and firewood for families to keep warm in the cold.

    Please stand with us as we respond to bring help to the people affected by the earthquakes in Afghanistan.

    You may also choose to provide continuous support to the children living in Afghanistan and other socially unstable place through our Childhood Rescue regular donation programme. Click here to learn more.

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