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Childhood Rescue

Helping Children in the World's Most Dangerous Places to
Survive, Recover and Build a Future

Who are children in crisis? Why do they need rescue?

Children in crisis refer to children who need help most in the world. Some of them live in “fragile contexts” – places where chronic instability, conflict, and violence leave large numbers of children caught in a trap of extreme vulnerability coupled with crippling poverty – such as Afghanistan, South Sudan and Somalia. Others have been forced to flee their homes and become refugees because of wars in places like Syria and Ukraine. By 2030, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world’s poorest will be living in fragile and conflict-affected places. Children in these places are struggling to survive as they are trapped in extreme poverty, lack protection and basic standards of living, and may even have to cope with the losses of their loved ones, stability and education opportunities.

While we may not be able to prevent wars or stop a place from becoming fragile, we can still do something to rescue the childhood of those who have lost their homes and a bright future.

When is the time to rescue?

Children in crisis need your immediate and continued support as some of them face immediate threats such as hunger, severe malnutrition and exploitation. Due to the instability in these locations, it is not feasible to carry out community development through Child Sponsorship. Instead, we develop agile programme approaches and plan short, middle and long-term projects according to each place’s specific needs. They address not only the immediate needs of the most vulnerable but also help them recover from their traumatic experiences and build a future with hope.

Your participation will enable children and families in challenging circumstances to survive, recover and build a future.

How does Childhood Rescue work?

The monthly donations of Childhood Rescue donors will be used to support the works of World Vision in providing various forms of humanitarian aid for those in need. In addition to basic necessities of life, we also improve nutrition and livelihoods, whilst offering psychological and education support. These efforts enable children and families in fragility to survive, recover and build a future.


The lack of basic necessities like food, clean water, healthcare and shelter can be lethal. You can provide immediate relief to help children survive.


Children and their communities need time to heal the scars that a crisis leaves. You can help children receive psychological support and restore community infrastructure, enabling them to recover.

Build a future

It is almost impossible to think about the future while fighting for survival. You can give children a chance to learn and overcome challenges, allowing them to build a future.

Use of funds

The monthly donations of Childhood Rescue donors will be used to support the works of World Vision in providing various forms of humanitarian aid. In addition to basic necessities of life, psychological and education support are also offered to those in need, enabling displaced children and families to survive, recover and build a future.

For more information, please read our work progress report.

Programme gifts

In refugee camps around the world, upon registration, child refugees will be given an identification document, which, in some cases, comes in the form of a bracelet. When a child wears a bracelet, it means their rights as refugees are now recognised and protected. By becoming a Childhood Rescue donor, you too will receive a bracelet. This bracelet symbolizes hope and connects you to the children whose future is now brighter thanks to your support.

What the colours on the bracelet represent

Charcoal – With their lives changed in an instant, children living in dangerous places have been made vulnerable

Orange – Your support enables World Vision to offer continued assistance to help children survive and recover

Sky Blue – Children are no longer forgotten and can aspire to a bright future

Donation Support

You may donate $150 or more monthly to support Childhood Rescue. Your donation will support World Vision in providing various forms of assistance, enabling children who suffer to survive, recover and build a future.

To ensure our work is carried out efficiently in an ever-changing world, World Vision will support different regions and allocate funds to particular projects according to the most current needs.

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