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How it works

A Flexible Way to Work amid Uncertainty: Fragile Context Programme Approach (FCPA)

Given the unpredictable and unstable circumstances in fragile contexts, World Vision (WV) has developed a transformational approach called the Fragile Context Programme Approach (FCPA). It is specifically designed to allow us to adapt and manage risk more effectively in these places while being context-sensitive. FCPA is a coherent approach which meets immediate survival needs (humanitarian interventions) and longer-term needs (development interventions) while addressing the systemic root causes and drivers of conflict and vulnerability (peacebuilding interventions).

FCPA designs are based on careful context analysis and context monitoring. Context analysis informs any necessary adaptations by WV or partners to programming or operations. The approach anticipates changes in context, and adapts quickly to respond.

The need for a specific approach

Flexible programming adjusts between three categories of pre-populated programming options likely to be relevant in the context. The options are called ‘dials’ -- Survive, Adapt and Thrive -- and the mix of activities is adjusted in response to small or large context changes. This pattern of working encourages the flexibility to respond to both anticipated and unanticipated events and changes in the environment, because empowered programme staff, partners and communities can make decisions and adjust activities and budgets as required when risks and opportunities change. The adaptations are supported by agile organisational systems and processes (including security awareness), which allow continuous, safe and effective operations.

Fragile contexts are volatile and in these contexts children suffer extreme levels of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Political and social pressures have made these places vulnerable to conflict. They have fractured or weakened the institutions that should protect children such as health or education services. Hence, World Vision has made it a priority to deepen our commitment to reach the most vulnerable children and families living in these most difficult and dangerous places.

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