Cash Gift Donation

Cash Gift Donation (For Macau donors only)

We all like to celebrate special moments. But while enjoying the good time, have you thought about bringing extra meaning to your special days by sharing your blessings with people in need?

You can make a donation in lieu of party favours from birthdays, 100 days, anniversaries, retirement, etc or turn cash gifts from your guests into meaningful help for needy children through World Vision. Your donation will be allocated to World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme to help bring life-transforming changes to needy children and their communities!

We have designed greeting cards for you to share the joy of giving with your guests.

Option 1:Sharing Cards

  • Each card comes with a custom-made sticker, and 12 heart-shaped cards for guests to leave messages; 1 card for each table

  • Folded size: 150mm (H) x 210mm (W)
    Open size: 300mm (H) x 210mm (W)

Sharing Card: Front

Sharing Card: Inside

Sharing Card: Back


World Vision will also provide custom-made stickers* with your names for you to share the blessings on the sharing cards. You may choose one from the following designs:




*The inclusion of your event date on the stickers is optional.

Option 2: Greeting Calendar Card

  • The card design for the following year would be provided in October every year

  • Folded size: 54mm (H) x 90mm (W)
    Open size: 108mm (H) x 90mm (W)

Greeting Calendar Card: Front

Greeting Calendar Card: Back

Option 3: Greeting Cards* (Only available in Chinese)

  • Comes in a set of 4 with a custom-made stamp; 1 card for each guest

  • Size: 105mm (H) x 148.5mm (W)

Greeting Card 1: Front

Greeting Card 2: Front

Greeting Card 3: Front

Greeting Card 4: Front

Greeting Card: Back


World Vision will also provide a custom-made stamp^ with your name(s) for you to print the blessings on the greeting cards. You may choose one from the following designs:




*If you would like to have the Greeting Cards, please select “Greeting Calendar Cards” as you register online, and specify “Greeting Cards” and the stamp design in the remark field.
^The inclusion of your event date on the stamp is optional.


  1. Registration

    You can register online or download registration form.

  2. Donation (Minimum donation amount: HK$2,200)
  3. Choose a donation method after registration:

    • Credit card payment:Online donation or download registration form and send the completed form to us through the following way:
      - email to [email protected]
      fax to (853) 2835 2737
      mail to World Vision of Macau Association, Rua de Abreu Nunes No. 6, Edf. lao Lun, 1 Andar A, Macau

    • Crossed cheque:Download registration form and mail the completed form and crossed cheque (with donor’s name, phone number, partner ID, if applicable, and donation purpose indicated on the back) to World Vision of Macau Association, Rua de Abreu Nunes No. 6, Edf. lao Lun, 1 Andar A, Macau

    • Cash payment: You can donate through cash or EPS at our office

  4. Confirmation

    Upon the receipt of donation, we will contact you by phone or email within 7 working days to confirm donor details.
    If you still have not received our phone confirmation after 10 days or longer, please call (853) 2835 2740.

  5. Production

    After confirmation, the production of greeting cards (stamp included) should be completed in 4 weeks.

  6. Delivery

    • Self pick-up: Pick up the order at World Vision office.

    • By courier:World Vision will deliver the order to the specified address, and the cost will be paid by the recipient. World Vision will not be responsible for any delays, damage or loss for causes beyond its control.