Church Ministry

To encourage Christians to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and show care for the people in need, World Vision of Macau Association holds talks and sharing, and Famine activities with the hope to broaden Christians’ world vision and help put their faith into practice to show compassion for impoverished children and families around the world.

Target: Children, youth, young adults, adults and church leaders

Format: Fellowship, Sunday school class, cell groups

Talks & Sharing

Through talks and sharing among local Christian groups, we hope to raise Christians’ awareness of the needs of those less fortunate and let them have the chance to reflect on their faith as well as putting into practice a simple yet fulfilling life.

*Talks and sharing will be conducted in Cantonese only. For details, please visit this page in Chinese version.

Church Famine

Through "Church Skip-A-Meal" or 10-Hour Famine, brothers and sisters gain a deeper understanding of the needs of people in hunger, and learn to reflect on the value of life, be thankful and bless each other in the name of Jesus.

Prayer, witness and resources

Prayer Support

Visit our "Prayer Support" page regularly to join us in prayer for the world’s needy.

Christian Witness

God’s calling for us is to serve the underprivileged and work to create life-transforming changes.