Thank you for giving vulnerable children a chance to dream through education!

The Used Book Recycling Campaign 2019 was concluded on 3 August. All proceeds will be used on World Vision’s early childhood education project in Guangxi and Shaanxi provinces, enlightening children and changing their lives for the better through education.

We sincerely thank members of the public who have donated and/or bought the books. We are grateful for the full support from our partners AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Plaza Hollywood, Ming Pao, sponsors and volunteers, which has made the event a success.

Equipping children for school by supporting kindergartens

Five-year-old Xiaoxi lives with her family in a hilly village in rural Guangxi. Here most children would be sent directly to primary school when they turn six or seven, despite the fact that there is a kindergarten run by the locals in place. This is because the kindergarten lacked the resources to recruit professional teachers and acquire books and toys, and parents were quite indifferent to the importance of early childhood education. This has resulted in the children falling behind their peers in terms of manners and academic performance.

In light of this, World Vision started supporting kindergartens in some of the remote areas of Guangxi, including this one. Besides, similar support is offered to rural areas in Shaanxi. World Vision provides training for teachers, promotes the importance of early childhood education to parents and supports the kindergartens in acquiring picture books and other facilities.

Thanks to World Vision’s encouragement, Xiaoxi started attending kindergarten at the age of four. In the space of just one year, she has become a smart, healthy and cheerful girl. “I like my kindergarten. I can play with my friends, and there are so many beautiful books and toys there,” she says. Not only has the kindergarten helped her form a reading habit, it has also put her on the right track and prepared her well for formal school.

By donating and buying books, you can help children like Xiaoxi live a fulfilling childhood and pursue a bright future.

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