School Talks

Through different talks, extended activities and supplementary resources, World Vision aims to help children, youths and parents learn about the lives of impoverished children and challenges they face, then reflect on their roles as global citizens and develop a positive attitude in life.

"Tech-kle" Poverty (Technology & Poverty)

  • Appropriate Technology, Sustainable Development

  • Innovative solutions to tackle poverty

  • Recent inventions to help the poor and brainstorm creative  ways to help

Gap between Rich and Poor

  • Learn about the causes of the rich and poor disparity

  • Understand one’s role and responsibility on global poverty

  • Introduce VisionFund and explain how microfinance could assist the poor in breaking the cycle of poverty and improve the well-being of children

* We are happy to collaborate with teachers to customise our talks to fit your curriculum.

Notes for booking:

  • To encourage schools to organise extended activities, World Vision provides educational resources support, such as PowerPoints, worksheets, thematic stories and background information. Please fill out the enrolment form, and details will be provided later.

  • Our educational services are free-of-charge.

  • School should provide computer with internet access, projector, audio and visual equipment.

  • Interested parties please complete the enrolment form and return it to us by fax 2835 2737 or email at least 2 weeks before the talk. We will contact you by fax or email upon receipt of the form.