Vision Talks - Youth

It takes a world to end violence against children. "It Takes A World" Global Citizenship Programme aims to nurture and mobilize young people to be key players in advocating for change. Responding to UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our Vision Talks and Experiential Workshops are designed to enhance students’ knowledge on global poverty and challenge young people to take real actions to create a better world.

World Hunger (Hunger & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
Nutrition, Child Labour, Human Trafficking
Key Learning:
  • The underlying causes and effects of hunger
  • World Vision’s food security programmes
  • Actions to help children in hunger
Vision Action:

The Dirty Reality (Water & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
Public Health, Climate Change
Key Learning:
  • How water shortage traps families in poverty
  • World Vision’s water and sanitation programmes
  • Actions to help save water resources
Vision Action:

"Tech-kle" Poverty  (Technology & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
Appropriate Technology, Sustainable Development
Key Learning:
  • Innovative solutions to tackle poverty
  • Recent inventions to help the poor
  • Brainstorm creative ways to help
Vision Actions:
  • Build a Tippy Tap
  • Innovation Contest
  • Tippy Tap Building Kit

The Innocent (Humanitarian Relief)

Key Concepts:
Refugee Crisis, Landmines
Key Learning:
  • How conflicts affect innocent children
  • World Vision's relief and rehabilitation work
  • Actions to help children in conflicts
Vision Actions:

Experiential Workshops

World Vision's experiential workshops offers the opportunity for participants to be immersed in the lives of children in poverty and experience the challenges that they face.
Simulation, debriefing and reflection
Around 1 Hour (Simulation - 20 mins)
Suitable For:
Secondary 1 - 7 (100-150 students)
Activity Venue:
School Hall/Activity Centre (Projector and audio equipment required)
1-2 Teachers-in-charge, 10-15 Student Helpers
Teacher/Student Led (Materials need to be borrowed from World Vision before the activity)

Chosen By Destiny

Issue(s) Explored:
Gender Inequality
  • Learn about the injustices faced by girls and women in developing countries through gender role play
  • Encourage participants to care for and respond to the needs of girls and women in poverty

The Plight of Street Children

Issue(s) Explored:
Street Children
  • Experience the difficulties and insecurities faced by children living on the streets
  • Encourage participants to care for and respond to the needs of children in poverty

The Innocent

Issue(s) Explored:
War and Refugees
  • Understand the choices that have to be made by refugee families on the run and the dire consequences of losing their homes, family members and future prospects
  • Encourage participants to care for and respond to the needs of refugees

Enrolment Information

  • All Vision Talks, Vision Actions and resources are free-of-charge.

  • Please provide a computer with Internet access, a projector, audio and visual equipment.

  • Please fax or email the enrolment form at least 2 weeks before the talk to 2394 0566 or Confirmation will be sent by fax or email upon receipt of application.

  • Enrolment for 2019-20 English Vision Talks is now open to all international schools and non-Chinese speaking schools on a first-come, first-served basis. Each school can apply for 2 talks per academic year, with at least 100 students attending each talk.

  • Supporting resources for Vision Actions are available. We also welcome students to create their own campaigns. Email to to get in touch with us.