Legacy Giving

Leave a Life-changing Legacy

We all cherish our wealth in life, and do our utmost to ensure it is well managed even after we leave this world. Leaving a gift to World Vision in your will is an opportunity for you to change the lives of children and communities for generations to come. You can also give yourself peace of mind and ease the burden on your loved ones. The best and easiest way is to seek professional assistance from solicitors or other relevant bodies in providing will-drafting services, and let your family know about your will. Regardless of the amount, every legacy donation can create life-transformational changes for children and families in need.

Legacy Donors Sharing

Ms Ip

“Through World Vision’s network, resources are allocated to areas we cannot reach, addressing the issue of global wealth inequality which leads to poverty.”

Mr Tsui

"Education is the right of every child, but it’s hard to fulfill with limited resources. Supporting World Vision's works can provide resources, achieve poverty alleviation and sustainable development for many needed families and communities."

Ms Tsang

“‘Do no evil, do all good.’ According to my ability, I have selected 20 charitable organisations this time, hoping to add 20 more in the future.”

Ms Lin

"As a non-Christian, I have supported World Vision for many years and have recently learned from from their newsletter about a talk on will-writing and legacy giving. I joined this meaningful event and made a will application plus donating a portion of my estate to my supporting organisation. I hope to leave a legacy of goodness after my passing."

Mr and Mrs Yung

"Though I am not very familiar with looking after children, I believe healthy growth of children is crucial for the society and the world’s future. I’ve been supporting World Vision's Child Sponsorship programme through sponsoring 10 children over the past decade. I also plan to donate a portion of my estate to World Vision, truly hope their programme can help more children in need.”

Mr Lee

“Children could have unlimited possibilities and endless potential, if we provide them with proper nourishment to unleash it.
What we may consider as insignificant resources could be a life-changing opportunity for children living in difficult circumstances.
Spreading messages of hope makes people live happier!”

Kinds of Legacy Donation

Pecuniary legacy

It is a gift of a specific sum of money, decided by you at the time you write or alter your will.

Specific legacy

A specific bequest is a gift of a particular item(s) of assets (for example, an apartment, shares, etc.).

Residual legacy

Donate all or part of the reminder or residue of your estate after all other gifts, taxes and debts have been paid out.

Life insurance legacy

Letting World Vision be one of your policy beneficiaries, it is a gift of a certain proportion (minimum 1%) of benefit from life insurance.

Let Us Know about Your Bequest

If you endorse World Vision’s work and effort, and are willing to support our long-term operation, you may consult your lawyers for advice on how to draw up your Will; or, you may contact your insurance agent to change your policy beneficiary.

Let us know about your bequest. It will help us even more if you inform us in advance of your intention to include World Vision in your will. Not only does this help us plan for the future, it also allows us to share with you our long-term plans for World Vision.

2 Channels to Support & Give

Professional Support from Lawyers

To thank you for supporting World Vision Hong Kong, ForeverGift.hk is delighted to provide legal advice and help you create your legal Will through a lawyer. This service is completely free for you. (Click to learn more)

Policy Donation

Here is the information for updating the beneficiaries:

Name of Beneficiary: World Vision Hong Kong
Address: 2/F Mayfair Centre, 4 Anchor Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Company Registry Number: 135683
IR File Number: 91/2002

For details, please see Life Underwriters Association Foundation’s “Policy Donation” webpage. (Click to learn more, in Chinese only)

For details of leaving a legacy, please contact our Donor Services Department (Tel: 2394 2394).