Study Trip and Internship

Each year, World Vision Hong Kong organises study trips for schools and churches to take a closer look at the needs of the poor around the world. These trips provide opportunities for participants to interact with the poor and gain a new perspective of their lives.
Organise School Talks or School Famine before joining a study trip to deepen students’ understanding on poverty.

World Vision organises various study trips for students, teachers and school social workers:

Students Study Trip

Students get the chance to go on an eye-opening trip to see poverty and hunger themselves, and reflect upon their attitude towards life!

Teachers and School Social Workers Study Trip

See poverty up close by traveling to developing countries and encourage others to speak for the poor!

Internship Programme

Gain hands-on experience by participating in frontline work at a World Vision field office or join our local office as interns to understand how to support our ministries from Hong Kong!

Sharings of Teachers and Social Workers Study Trip (Myanmar)

27 January to 1 February 2020
Myanmar (Yangon, Hmawbi and Myaungmya Regions)
Teachers and School Social Workers
HK$9,700 (including airfare and peak season surcharge, accommodation and local transportation)
  1. Visit Area Development Projects of World Vision
  2. Visit schools and local communities, interact with students and teachers
  3. Yangon city tour on cultural and historical sites, including Shwedagon Pagoda

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