Study Trips

Each year, World Vision Hong Kong organises study trips for schools and churches to take a closer look at the needs of the poor around the world. These trips provide opportunities for participants to interact with the poor and gain a new perspective of their lives.
Organise School Talks or School Famine before joining a study trip to deepen students’ understanding on poverty.

World Vision organises various study trips for students, teachers and social workers:

Students Study Trip

Students get the chance to go on an eye-opening trip to see poverty and hunger themselves, and reflect upon their attitude towards life!

Teachers and Social Workers Study Trip

See poverty up close by traveling to developing countries and encourage others to speak for the poor!

Internship Programme

Gain hands-on experience in participating in front-line work of World Vision’s field office!

Teachers and Social Workers Study Trip (Nepal)

22-30 July 2018 (Trip Ended)
Nepal (Capital Kathmandu and Kailali Region)
Teachers and School Social Workers
Application Deadline:
Applications are welcomed until all quotas are filled
Nepal is a landlocked country located in the Himalayas and bordered to China and India. There are 25% of the country population living under US$1.9 per person per day. It is categorized as a country with medium to low human development.
In Nepal, World Vision Hong Kong launches 3 Area Development Projects (ADPs) that create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities.
(Itinerary and enrollment form available in Chinese only)
  1. Visit Area Development Projects in Kathmandu and Kailali Region
  2. Visit Early Childhood Development Centers, Primary and Secondary Schools
  3. City Tour of Kathmandu and Kirtipur District

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