The Meaning of School Famine

"Why go hungry when you can simply make donations?"

Because walking with the poor is more than making donations. It is about walking in their shoes.

World Vision encourages students to learn about world hunger and poverty issues through 3Hs – Head (Knowledge), Heart (Empathy) and Hand (Action)! School Famine gives students a chance to go hungry and gain a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by the poor. We hope that this can be a life-changing experience for students and they will one day become leaders in creating a hunger-free world!

What is School Famine? Let’s hear what teachers and students say about their experiences.

Kids Famine
(Kindergartens & Primary Schools)

Little kids can make a big difference! World Vision Kids Famine aims to cultivate compassion in children and empower them to fight world hunger! Through our lunchtime programmes, children will have a glimpse of what it is like to live in hunger. Our programme also includes simulation activities for students to experience the struggles faced by children living in poverty. Sign up and get activity resources from us!

What is it?
An experiential activity in which students will have a taste of the daily meal of the poor and experience the struggles faced by child labourers. We hope that students will develop compassion on vulnerable children and learn to treasure food.

Kindergarten - Light Tea (Self-organised by school)
Level: K2-3
Duration: 40-60 minutes
Lead time: 4 weeks
Capacity: 50 students
Simulation Activity: Paper Bag Making


Primary School - Light Meal (Self-organised by school)
Level: Year 1-3
Duration: 60 minutes
Lead time: 2-4 weeks
Capacity:100-150 students
Simulation Activity: The Firecracker Factory


Support from World Vision:
  • Programme guidelines, Power Point slides, video links, stickers, posters, activity materials for loan

Youth Famine
(Secondary Schools & Tertiary Institutions)

Young people are a force to be reckoned with! World Vision Youth Famine hopes to bring together the power of young people in the fight against world hunger and poverty. Through our School Famine programmes, students will have a glimpse of what it is like to live in hunger. We hope to cultivate compassion in young people and empower them to bring positive influences to the lives of others!

What is it?

By fasting together for 10 to 30 hours, students put themselves in the shoes of the hungry and raise funds to save hungry children. APPLY NOW and get our Famine Kit which provides useful resources for organisers.

Inside the Famine Kit, you can find:

  • Hunger facts
  • Programme guidelines
  • Simulation activity ideas
  • Fundraising guidelines
  • Sponsorship forms & other documents

More support from World Vision:

  • Posters and stickers
  • Simulation materials for loan
  • Vision Talk on event day

What is it?

This is a 1-hour programme which can be done during lunchtime or in class. Students are divided into two groups, the Rich and the Poor, in which they are given different food. Through this experiential activity, students are going to learn about the issue of wealth inequality.

Create your own Famine!

We also welcome schools to design their own Famine programmes or campaigns. Get in touch with us and tell us your idea! Feel free to borrow or download our school resources:

Click here to browse our resources catalogue.

The Famine Checklist

1. Goal Setting and Planning

  • Set your Famine goal. Choose a poverty issue related to hunger. Design your programmes and activities in that direction.
  • Set the event date, time, venue and target participants
  • Decide whether or not to include fundraising in your event

2. Event Format

  • Choose your School Famine format:
    • Rich & Poor's Banquet/Tea
    • Light Meal/Tea
    • Skip-A-Meal
    • 10 to 30-Hour Famine

3. Contact Us

  • Fill in the enrolment form (kindergarten / primary school / youth) and fax it to World Vision’s Public Education Department
  • Download suitable resources from our website (e.g. workshop guidelines and other educational resources)

4. Pre-event

  • Prepare programme rundown, division of work and promgramme materials
  • Contact us to discuss programme details or even schedule a Vision Talk

5. Promotion

6. Famine Day

  • Carry out debriefing sessions after the activity to help students internalise what they have learnt

7. Post-event

  • Share your success and photos with us
  • Collect and submit all donations (if any)

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