Renewed hope for shivering lives

Syrian refugee children struggle to keep warm during winter, as they stay in makeshift settlements built with wooden frames and plastic tarps.

Winter in Syria and its surrounding countries is extreme. Temperatures very often drop below 0°C and snowstorms are common. Due to the conflict, over 6 million people have been internally displaced inside Syria and 5.4 million have fled to neighbouring countries. As they often left in a hurry, most lack basic necessities to keep warm and are staying in shelters without heating.

Leaving home has also left refugees in a constant state of anxiety and confusion of which impact is particularly evident among pregnant women and new mothers. As resources are limited, baby items are hard to find and often very expensive, forcing mothers to start planning for their children’s needs after birth while still being pregnant. The huge amount of stress accumulated is not only harmful to their health, but also affects the growth of their babies. After giving birth, their concern instantly turns to whether their children will be able to grow healthily amid the war and cold winter.

Your red packet can give families heating fuel to keep warm, as well as baby boxes that provide newborn babies with warm clothing and sanitary items, warming many hearts during a time full of uncertainties.

Give a helping hand to the world’s vulnerable

Conflict in Syria, which has lasted for almost seven years now, has displaced millions of people, forcing many to cross the borders into neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. While they may have been able to secure a shelter, refugees often lack essential items that keep them warm during the freezing winter. Siblings Yazan* (7), Ahmad* (9) and Sara* (10) left Syria with their family in 2012, reaching Jordan after a dangerous and exhausting journey. Last year, with World Vision’s assistance, they were finally able to heat their room with a heater and stop worrying about the cold outside.

*Names changed

Your red packet can bring warmth to Syrian families and help children survive and grow!

can provide heating fuel for 3 families to keep warm

can provide baby boxes for 2 families, each box contains warm clothing and sanitary items for a newborn baby

can provide baby boxes for 2 families and heating fuel for 3 families

World Vision has been doing winterisation work in the region for the past few winters, helping particularly the most vulnerable. Join us to bring warmth to Syrian children by giving your red packet!

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