Let's share under the pandemic!

The red packets that we receive during Chinese New Year mean more than just money but sincere blessings. This year, will you consider spreading some positive vibes under the pandemic by sharing the blessings you receive?

Battling flooding, locusts and coronavirus at the same time...

South Sudan and Somalia are two poor East African countries constantly threatened by conflicts and climate change, which are devastating to people's livelihoods. While some areas have been experiencing persistent droughts, others have been going through floods. The unseasonal downpours last year have further triggered crop failures and locust swarms that ravage the remaining crops. Worse still, the pandemic that hits the countries at this time only exacerbates the situation, hindering both farming activities and the fight against the locust upsurge.

Many families have been unable to afford average food due to the inflation caused by conflicts and economic crises. Floods, locusts and coronavirus combined has compounded the severity of their food crisis. Many children have become malnourished, struggling with the threat of death.

For this Chinese New Year, please donate a red packet to help improve the nutrition of South Sudanese and Somali children. Your generous sharing will definitely warm their hearts!
Your red packet can help improve the nutrition of South Sudanese and Somali children!

World Vision has been implementing various projects in South Sudan and Somalia to better the lives of vulnerable children and families. To improve the nutrition of children, we provide impoverished families with food vouchers so that they can purchase fresh food on their own with dignity. We also organize cooking demonstrations in the communities to educate the mothers on the appropriate cooking methods and combinations of ingredients.


Support 1 lactating mother with fresh food vouchers for 1-month consumption


Support 4 malnourished children with fresh food vouchers for 1-month consumption


Support 10-15 mothers to attend cooking demonstrations

This Chinese New Year, please join us in blessing South Sudanese and Somali children with a red packet!

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, please write your personal details on the back of the bank-in slip and photocopy it for your own reference before sending it to us.
Bank Account (Hong Kong): BANK OF CHINA 012-363-1-017493-6

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Disasters can destroy everything in the blink of an eye, yet it takes the global community's continual partnership and support to undo the damage. By donating HK$150 or more per month, you can support our work in various contexts, including fragile states and food crises, to provide much-needed help to vulnerable children and families.

Become a World Vision Partner now! You will enable those who suffer to survive, recover and find hope.

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