Fled a war, but missed out on education. What does the future hold for them?

Since its outbreak in March 2011, the conflict in Syria has been going on for almost eight years now. The incessant fighting has devastated the country, displaced over 10 million, who, besides being driven out of their homes, are still living with the pain and aftermath of the war, like poverty, injury, trauma and loss of dignity.

Most Syrian children do not have the privilege of going to school. After all, surviving the conflict is already remarkably fortunate. Among the 5.6 million Syrian refugees, 2.5 million are children under the age of 18. Living in refugee camps and temporary settlements with meagre resources, they are not guaranteed an opportunity to education due to different education systems and limited places and resources in host countries.

How are these children, deprived of access to education, going to change their future with knowledge? If an entire generation fails to receive education, how can past experience and wisdom be inherited and passed on?

By giving a red packet, you will give children a chance to attend an early childhood education centre . There they will gain knowledge and life skills and undergo therapy, preparing themselves for future learning. You can help provide learning materials and stationery, transportation and support for teachers. Give now and make education a reality for children!
Your red packet can provide timely help for Syrian children and change their lives for the better!


provides 5 caregivers with education kits to help young children learn at home


provides 1 month of transportation for 12 children to attend class


supports teachers to provide 2 weeks of early childhood education

In the past few years, World Vision has been providing all kinds of assistance to needy refugees in the region surrounding Syria. Join us now by giving a red packet to bless Syrian children and families!

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, please write your personal details on the back of the bank-in slip and photocopy it for your own reference before sending it to us.
Bank Account (Hong Kong): Bank of China (Hong Kong) 012-883-2-004242-0

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Wars and disasters can destroy everything in the blink of an eye, yet it takes the global community’s continuous companionship and support to undo the damage. By donating HK$150 or more per month, you can support us in providing various forms of aid in socio-politically unstable regions.

Become a World Vision Partner now! You will enable those who suffer to survive, recover and find hope.

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