Displaced – Not Knowing When to Return

Located in East Africa, South Sudan stands as the youngest and one of the poorest countries in the world. Not long after its establishment in 2011, South Sudan has been suffering from a perpetual civil war and endless ethnic conflicts, which have led to an economic crisis. Many children and families have been forced out of their homes due to poverty, or become displaced as they tried to escape violence.

In recent years, the food crisis in South Sudan has been further aggravated by the war in Ukraine, while the recurrent and severe floods have swept away many houses and farmlands. A lot of people are being displaced, without knowing when they could return home.

Give a red packet this Chinese New Year, and you will be able to bless the displaced children and families in South Sudan!

This Chinese New Year, please join us in providing the above aid for the displaced children and families with a red packet!

If you would like to donate via ATM transfer or direct bank-in, please send the bank-in slip with your name, telephone number, and postal or email address written at the back and make a photocopy for your own reference.
Bank Account (Hong Kong): HANG SENG BANK 286-364385-005

Support Childhood Rescue to Help the Most Vulnerable

Some places in the world are experiencing chronic instability, conflict, and violence, leaving children who live there in a trap of extreme vulnerability coupled with crippling poverty. These children in crisis need our immediate and continued support, and we can all do something to rescue their childhood.

Please support Childhood Rescue now. Through a monthly donation, you will support World Vision in providing various forms of assistance in socio-politically unstable regions, enabling children and families in fragility to survive, recover and build a future.

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