How are Somali children going to survive through hunger and extreme climate?

Somalia is an extremely poor East African country constantly under the threat of natural disasters and conflicts. In recent years, with the impacts of climate change becoming more and more significant, Somalia and its neighbouring regions are bearing more of the brunt of extreme weather. Sometimes there is a prolonged drought, and other times there are floods. These disasters are particularly devastating to the lives and livelihoods of the locals, most of them pastoralists or farmers. People become displaced and trapped in generations of poverty.

At the same time, Somalis also lack education opportunities and access to medical services, some do not even have basic knowledge about hygiene, sanitation and nutrition. As a result, children may not receive sufficient care and be identified in time when they are sick or malnourished, leading to potentially severe consequences.

As Chinese New Year approaches, please consider donating a red packet to help improve the nutrition and livelihoods of Somalis. You can choose to give improved seeds and farming tools, support malnutrition treatments and help set up community-based nutrition programmes to educate people on nutrition. These gifts will help Somalis receive food and rebuild their livelihoods, thus changing their lives for the better.
Your red packet can provide timely help for Somali children and change their lives for the better!


Provide 1 impoverished family with seeds and gardening tools


Provide basic supplies for community-based nutrition programmes to support 22 families


Support the cost of medical supplies and equipment for health centres

In the past two decades, World Vision has been providing various forms of assistance in Somalia to better the lives of vulnerable children and families. We run health centres to treat malnourished children, providing them with medications and nutrient supplements to restore their health. We also set up an initiative to educate parents on nutrition and health, as well as how to prepare nutritious meals. Moreover, we help vulnerable families become sustainable by giving them gardening tools and seeds.

This Chinese New Year, please join us in blessing Somali children and families with a red packet.

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, please write your personal details on the back of the bank-in slip and photocopy it for your own reference before sending it to us.
Bank Account (Hong Kong): HANG SENG BANK 286-364385-002

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Disasters can destroy everything in the blink of an eye, yet it takes the global community’s continuous companionship and support to undo the damage. By donating HK$150 or more per month, you can support us in providing various forms of support in fragile parts of the world.

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