Climate change is the most pressing challenge we are facing. It has led to more frequent droughts, floods and cyclones around the world. For us, this may damage some of our city amenities, affect our normal routine, like going to work, and possibly the loss of our personal belongings. However, for those living in poorer countries, climate change is a matter of life and death. They lose their crops and herds, face water and food insecurity, while their children become sick and the whole family may have to starve and move to other places.

In Africa alone, about 300 million people are currently facing food crisis. The funds raised from this year’s ‘Skip-A-Meal’ will support World Vision’s work in disaster-hit Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe to meet the needs of the hungry in these countries.

Don’t let children perish due to hunger, sign up for Skip-A-Meal now!

Disasters and Hunger are Part of Their Daily Lives

South Sudan experienced famine as a result of drought and a persistent civil war, causing some 860,000 children under the age of five to become acutely malnourished. At six months old, Yassir was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition. This greatly troubled his mother who was worried that she could not feed her four children well. Fortunately, Yassir was treated by World Vision's nutrition experts and given therapeutic peanut paste. Gradually, his weight is returning to a normal level.

Frequent natural disasters have severely hit the economy and livelihoods of Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, and have further aggravated their food crises. Currently, about 14.3 million people in these three countries are experiencing hunger due to the impact of natural disasters and conflicts. Among those who are dying of malnutrition, many are children.

No matter rich or poor, children should be entitled to live and thrive. Please take part in Skip-A-Meal to ignite hope for helpless and hungry children.


Corporations and organisations can encourage staff to skip a meal at work any day from March to July. The top three corporations with the highest number of participants, the largest amount of total donation, or the highest donation per person will be awarded. As a token of appreciation, certificates will be given to corporations that have raised HK$1,000 or more. Details:


March to July 2020 (deadline updated in mid-March 2020)


Encourage staff to skip a meal and donate their meal money to support World Vision to provide food, nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by climate change in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.



  • Skip-A-Meal Poster and Donation Form
  • If you would like our staff to visit your organisation and share more on hunger issues, please contact us.


Mr Brian Leung, Resource Development Department (852) 2399 3478


“I will bless this city and make it prosperous; I will satisfy its poor with food.” (Psalms 132:15 NLT)

When we share what we have with the poor, we testify and manifest God’s love in action. Today, as some 300 million people in Africa are still facing hunger, how can we help them become satisfied and experience the blessings of God?

We invite all churches in Hong Kong and Macau to join Skip-A-Meal to support the hungry afar. Details are as follows:


During Lent 2020, around Good Friday or any other day chosen by the church.*


  • Fast a meal together during worship service, small group, Sunday school or prayer meeting, and pray together for the needs of the hungry.
  • Encourage brothers and sisters to choose a day to fast a meal at home or at work, reflect and pray.
  • Conduct a “Skip-a-Meal” prayer meeting; you can invite World Vision staff to share.


Fill in the registration form and return it to World Vision.


Please send your donation together with the donation form to World Vision.


Enquiries: For more information, please contact our Church Relations Unit on (852) 2399 8630.
* If your church is going to run ‘Skip-a-Meal’ in April 2020 or later, please contact our Church Relations Unit for registration.


Don’t underestimate your own power! Support children and families affected by climate change by being their voice or skipping a meal at home, in your office or anywhere else on your own and invite others to join the good cause! Details:


March to July 2020  (deadline updated in mid-March 2020)


Skip a meal and donate your saved money to support World Vision to provide food, nutrition and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by climate change in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.



(852) 2394 2394

Donate Now

Funds raised from this year’s Skip-A-Meal will support World Vision to provide food, nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by climate change in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe.


to provide 5 chicks to 1 family in Zimbabwe


to provide drought-resistant seeds for 1 family in Somalia


to subsidise the construction of water supply and storage facilities in South Sudan

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