Macau Famine 2021

With temperatures on the rise around the world, many parts in Africa have been bearing the brunt of global warming. Frequent droughts, cyclones, floods and locust swarms have led to crop failures, aggravating the food crises in Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Somalia, where children are often the first to suffer.

Besides being threatened by the pandemic like us all, the starving children are also hit by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. As a result, they are prone to malnutrition, and may even have to drop out of school or become victims of child marriage for the sake of their families’ livelihoods. They are desperate for our help.

Join this year’s Macau Famine to sow hope for starving children!

Floods in Zimbabwe flush everything away

9-year-old Natasha now finds herself at risk of starvation and loss of education following the unusual weather in Zimbabwe last year. When cyclones and hailstorms destroyed her home, her family’s poultry and her school books were all washed away by the floods. Her family, already poor prior to the disasters, is now unable to pay for the children's school fees. As even food has become unaffordable, the family can only eat two meals of cornmeal porridge a day.

Affected by climate change, some areas in Africa have been experiencing persistent droughts, while others have been going through floods. The unseasonal downpours have caused the locust swarms that ravage the remaining crops. Let’s help the affected families and children overcome their hardships!

Red Packet

We would like to thank the 39 schools and churches which have participated in this year’s Red Packet campaign to help provide emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for children and families affected by natural disasters.

Please refer to the Chinese website for the list of winners with the most funds raised and participants.

Drawing Competition

We would like to thank all the participating primary schools for encouraging their students to bless children in Africa using their drawing talents.

Please refer Chinese website for the list of winners.

Flag Day

Thanks to the participation and support of schools, organisations and volunteers, the Flag Day this year was held in a smooth manner.

School Famine

Hunger in developing countries is indeed a global issue closely related to us. Students can learn more about hunger and poverty through Famine talks, workshops and Rich and Poor Banquet. Schools are also encouraged to organise their own fundraising activities to support starving children.

Through Famine talks and workshops, students are engaged to discuss and learn about hunger issues.

By taking part in the Rich and Poor Banquet, students eat different meals to experience the gap between the rich and the poor.

Schools may hold a charity sale to raise funds for starving children.

Activity Details


Students and teachers in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and universities


Jan – Jun 2021


Talks, Light Meal, Rich and Poor Banquet, Famine workshops


Please contact our Public Education Department on (853) 2843 5335

Charity Sale

The funds raised from last year's charity sale were allocated to support needy children and families affected by natural disasters in Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Somalia. This year, let us continue to provide them with emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance!

Details will be announced later.


A meal is precious in the eyes of starving children, because that may be the only meal they have for that day. Join Skip-A-Meal and donate the MOP100 (or more) you saved from a meal you skipped! You will be supporting World Vision’s projects in Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Somalia to provide emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for children and families affected by natural disasters.

World Vision staff in South Sudan teach mothers about health and nutrition to reduce child malnutrition.

More children will receive help as you donate the money you saved from a meal you skipped. Invite your friends and colleagues to join this good cause with you!



Corporations, organisations and churches in Macau

Event period

Feb – May 2021


  1. Call us on (853) 2835 2740 during February to May 2021 for registration
  2. Donate MOP100 or more
  3. Each participant will receive a Famine sticker after the donation is confirmed
  4. Participants can decide when to skip a meal, and put on the sticker to let others know they are skipping a meal
  5. Organisation or corporate groups will receive a Famine Certificate showing the total meals skipped

10-Hour Self-Famine

Due to the pandemic, this year's 10-Hour Famine Camp will be done in the format of self-famine as participants choose their own place to fast. They will receive a Famine Challenge Pack, which contains experiential activity materials, drinks for energy boosting, lifestyle tips on carrying on the Famine spirit and other resources to help you better understand hunger and poverty issues.

Please continue your participation to sow hope for starving children!


Macau residents


16 May 2021 (Sunday)

Suggested time

10:00am – 8:00pm

Application deadline: 30 April 2021 (To confirm your registration, please submit the minimum fundraising amount, bank-in slip and your application form on or before the deadline.)

Participants will receive a backpack suitcase sponsored by Coca-Cola if they raise MOP3,000 or above.

If participants raise MOP5,000 or above, they will receive a 28-inch suitcase (limited edition) sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Register Now

  1. Please read the application guidelines carefully.
  2. Download the application form (in Chinese) or obtain it at the following locations.
    [Distribution points: Royal Supermarket, Tai Fung Bank, Livraria Seng Kwong (Calçada do Monte & IPM), Kong Seng (Ho Lan Un, Costa, Toi San & Taipa), Anyone Tea, World Vision of Macau Association]
  3. Send your completed application form and your donation to World Vision of Macau Association. You may choose to:
    • Return it to our office in person at Rua de Abreu Nunes No. 6, Edf. lao Lun, 1 Andar A, Macau (Map), or
    • Mail your cheque or bank-in slip to P.O. Box 530, Macau, indicating “10-Hour Self-Famine” on the envelope

Preparing for Self-Famine

  1. Write a post on your Facebook/Instagram/WeChat, saying “I am joining 10-Hour Self-Famine!” to encourage your friends to learn about the needs of impoverished children.
  2. Like “World Vision Hong Kong” on Facebook and follow “worldvisionhongkong” on Instagram as well as “worldvisionmacau” on WeChat to stay tuned with us.

Application Guidelines

  1. Please allow enough time for fundraising.
  2. World Vision of Macau Association reserves the right to decline applications that have not reached the minimum fundraising amount. Applications and donations received will not be returned.
  3. Campers should be mindful of personal health status. Children, pregnant women and patients should consult their doctors if they have doubts about participating in this event. World Vision of Macau Association will not be responsible for any injury or death resulting from the event.
  4. Acceptance for participation is not transferable.
  5. World Vision of Macau Association reserves the right to decide on the acceptance of applications and on activity arrangements.

Donate Now

Proceeds from Macau Famine this year will be used to support World Vision’s projects in Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Somalia to provide emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for children and families affected by natural disasters and hunger.


Provide 13 people in poverty with food assistance in partnership with World Food Programme in Zimbabwe


Provide 1 malnourished child with fresh food vouchers for one month's consumption in South Sudan


Provide farming tools and seeds for 1 impoverished family in Somalia

You may also donate via the following channels:


If you have applied for online banking of Bank of China, you may donate via your "BOCNET (Personal)" account

  1. Log in to your account and select “Donation”
  2. Under "Charities", select "World Vision" > "Specified Program" > "Macau Famine"

Direct Bank-in*

Tai Fung Bank

  • MOP: 201-1-07025-2
  • HKD: 101-1-09229-8

Crossed Cheque*

Please make the cheque payable to “World Vision of Macau Association”

Become a Sponsor

Join Child Sponsorship Programme and sponsor a needy child

*Please mail your bank-in slip or crossed cheque, with your name, contact number and address, to World Vision of Macau Association at P.O. Box 530, Macau, indicating “Macau Famine” on the envelope.

Endorsement from the honorary supporting committee (Chinese only)

Become a Volunteer


We are recruiting volunteers to provide logistic and operation support for Macau Famine. Join us now! Together we make the world a better place for everyone!

Volunteer Application

Complete and return the application form


Please contact our Public Education Department on (853) 2843 5335

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