Macau Famine 2019

We are grateful for the support from people of various sectors for making the Macau Famine a success. A series of activities, namely, Red Packet, Flag Day, School Famine, Charity Sale, Skip-A-Meal and 10-Hour Famine Camp, have been held, all made possible because of the sacrifice and diligence of our volunteers. Their effort has made the event a success and blessed the refugees afar!

Donate Now

Last year’s donations have been used to support World Vision to provide food, health and nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families affected by conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar.

2019 Use of Funds

Proceeds from Macau Famine will be used to support World Vision’s food security, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and livelihood assistance projects for children and families affected by conflicts in South Sudan and Syria.


can provide 19 people with a month’s supplementary nutrition, including lentils, oil and salt


can provide 5 families with cooking utensils to help improve children’s nourishment


can provide 7 adolescent girls with hygiene kits

You may also donate via the following channels:

Join Child Sponsorship Programme and sponsor a needy child

View sharing of the honorary supporting committee in Chinese.

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