Macau Famine 2020

For us living in modern cities, climate change has made the weather hotter, the typhoons stronger, and the way to work or school harder. For those living in poorer countries, however, it is a question of life and death.

Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe have long been suffering from poverty. Frequent natural disasters in recent years have compounded the situation as they destroy the harvests, causing food crises. Hungry children not only face the threat of malnutrition, but also school dropout, child labour and child marriage.

This year’s Macau Famine will speak out for starving children affected by natural disasters. Join now and provide help for them!

Disasters and Hunger are Part of Their Daily Lives

South Sudan experienced famine as a result of drought and a persistent civil war, causing some 860,000 children under the age of five to become acutely malnourished. At six months old, Yassir was diagnosed with severely acute malnutrition. This greatly troubled his mother who was worried that she could not feed her four children well. Fortunately, Yassir was treated by World Vision's nutrition experts and given therapeutic peanut paste. Gradually, his weight is returning to a normal level.

Frequent natural disasters have severely hit the economy and livelihoods of Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, and have further aggravated their food crises. Currently, about 14.3 million people in these three countries are experiencing hunger due to the impact of natural disasters and conflicts. Among those who are even dying of malnutrition, many are children.

No matter rich or poor, children should be entitled to live and thrive. Your participation will allow Macau Famine to ignite hope for helpless and hungry children.

Red Packet

Chinese New Year is a time to share joy and blessings. Donate a red packet to help children and families in Africa. Your contribution will help provide various forms of food security, nutrition and livelihood assistance for African children and families in need.



Students in primary, secondary, tertiary education and churches in Macau

Collection Period

2020/2/10-18(To be decided by school)


Encourage Macau students to care for others by donating and sharing their red packets with the needy

Group Application

Please contact our Public Education Department on (853) 2843 5335

The top fundraising organisation and the organisation with the most participants will be awarded. Results will be announced on our website on 2020/4/15.

Drawing Competition

Drought and an ongoing civil war has led to famine in South Sudan. Mary, who is only one and a half year old, has become acutely malnourished and has been sick for three months. Fortunately, after being treated by World Vision's nutrition experts, she has been given therapeutic peanut paste and her weight is gradually rising back to normal.

Now, use your imagination and draw a picture under the title "Heated Hunger" to show your support for Mary and other hungry children!

Mary was very skinny because she suffered from acute malnutrition.



Primary school students in Macau (Individual and school entry are both accepted)


Junior primary (P1-P3)
Senior primary (P4-P6)


Winner, first runner-up, second runner-up, Creative Award and 30 merits will be chosen from each category


Submit your work and filled application form through below channels:

  • School entry ─ submit to your school before the deadline
  • entry ─ mail to World Vision of Macau Association

Application Form
(in Chinese)

  1. Download application form
  2. Forms will also be sent to participating schools

Collection Period

2020/3/16 - 27

Collection Venue

World Vision of Macau Association Office (Rua de Abreu Nunes No. 6, Edf. lao Lun, 1 Andar A, Macau) (Map)

Results Announcement

2020/4/15 (online announcement)


Please contact our Marketing Department on (853) 2835 2739

Flag Day

By volunteering for our flag day, you will walk through the streets of Macau, to raise funds for hungry children and help alleviate global hunger! Ask your friends and family to support the meaningful event!



General public of Macau

Flag Selling Period

2020/3/28 (Sat) 2:30pm – 5:30pm
2020/3/29 (Sun) 10:00am–1:00pm, 2:30pm–5:30pm


Av. do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Rua do Campo, Rua de São Domingos, Largo do Senado, Av. de Almeida Ribeiro, Av. da Praia Grande, Mercado Municipal Almirante Lacerda, Rotunda de Carlos da Maia and Av. de Horta e Costa, etc.

Volunteer Application


Please contact our Marketing Department on (853) 2835 2739

School Famine

Hunger is not only an individual problem, but a global issue. Students can learn more about hunger and poverty through Famine talks, workshops and Rich and Poor’s Banquet. Schools are also encouraged to organise their own fundraising activities to support starving children.

Through Famine talks and workshops, students are engaged to discuss and learn about hunger issues.

By taking part in the Rich and Poor’s Banquet, students eat different meals to experience the gap between the rich and the poor.

A school held a charity sale to raise funds for hungry children.

Activity Details


Students and teachers in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and universities


2020/1 – 2020/6


Talks, Light Meal, Rich and Poor’s Banquet, Famine Workshops


Please contact our Public Education Department on (853) 2843 5335

Charity Sale

The funds raised from last year’s charity sale were allocated to support World Vision to provide food and livelihood assistance for South Sudanese and Syrian children and families affected by conflicts. This year, let us bless needy children and families affected by natural disasters in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe!

Details of the charity sale will be announced later.


A meal is precious in the eyes of starving children, because that may be the only meal they have that day. Join Skip-A-Meal! Donate the MOP100 (or more) you saved from a meal you skipped to support World Vision’s projects in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, providing food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for children and families affected by natural disasters.

World Vision staff members provide health education to South Sudanese mothers, imparting nutrition knowledge to them in order to reduce child malnutrition.

When you skip a meal and donate the meal’s money, more children are helped!

Activity Details


Corporations, organisations and churches

Event Period

2020/2 – 2020/5


  1. Call us on (853) 2835 2740 during February to May 2020
  2. Donate MOP100 or more
  3. Participant will receive a Famine sticker after donations are confirmed
  4. Choose your own date to Skip-A-Meal, and put on the sticker to let others know you are skipping a meal
  5. Organisation or corporate groups will receive a Famine certificate showing the total meals skipped

10-Hour Famine Camp

At the 10-Hour Famine Camp, you and other campers will go hungry for 10 hours to experience what hungry children feel and raise funds to bring them food and hope.

Targets General public of Macau
Date 2020/05/17 (Sunday)
Venue Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School Macau (Map)

Activity Details


10-Hour Famine Camp

Join other Famine campers and go hungry for 10 hours to experience hunger through a series of programmes.

Famine Night

Do your own 7-hour Famine and join the Famine Night at 5pm. Echoes with day campers to experience the need of hungry children.


2020/5/17 (Sunday) 10am-8pm

2020/5/17 (Sunday) 5pm-8pm


*Please note all activities will be conducted in Cantonese

  • Opening ceremony
  • Declaration
  • Experiential workshops
  • Famine night
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Experience hunger
  • Sharing
  • Famine night
  • Closing ceremony


  • Past Famine participants
  • Corporations, schools and organisations
  • Families and friends
  • First time Famine participants
  • Those who are not able to join the camp earlier

Minimum Fundraising Amount

Primary/ Secondary school students or under: MOP150 per person
Adults: MOP350 per person

Application deadline: 2020/4/29 (To confirm your registration, please submit the minimum fundraising amount, bank-in slip and your application form on or before the deadline.)

Register Now

  1. Please read application guidelines carefully.
  2. Download application form (in Chinese) or obtain it at the following locations.
    [Distribution points: Distribution points: Royal Supermarket, Bank of China, Tai Fung Bank, Le Casa, Livraria Seng Kwong, Kong Seng, COME BUY, World Vision of Macau Association Office]
  3. Send your completed application form and your donation to World Vision of Macau Association. You may choose to:
    • Return it to our office in person at Rua de Abreu Nunes No. 6, Edf. lao Lun, 1 Andar A, Macau (Map), or
    • Mail your cheque or bank-in slip to P.O. Box 530, Macau indicating “10-Hour Famine Camp” on the envelope.

Preparing for Famine Camp

  1. Write a post on your Facebook/WeChat, saying “I am joining 10-Hour Famine Camp!” to let your friends know.
  2. Like World Vision Hong Kong on Facebook and follow World Vision of Macau Association on WeChat. Love Connects, starts with you!

Application Guidelines

  1. Please allow enough time for fundraising.
  2. If the quota is filled before the deadline (29 April 2020), no further application will be accepted. World Vision of Macau Association reserves the right to decline applications that have not reached the minimum fundraising amount. Applications and donations received will not be returned.
  3. No onsite application will be accepted. World Vision of Macau Association reserves the right to verify campers’ identification.
  4. Campers should be mindful of personal health status. Children, pregnant women and patients should consult their doctors if they have doubts about participating in this event. World Vision of Macau Association will not be responsible for any injury or death resulting from the event.
  5. Acceptance for participation is not transferable.
  6. Should the event be cancelled due to bad weather condition or any other reason, please fast on your own. Collected donations will not be refunded.
  7. Please see registration letter for further reminders about the Famine Camp.
  8. World Vision of Macau Association reserves the right to decide on the acceptance of applications and on activity arrangements.

Donate Now

Last year’s donations have been used to support World Vision to provide food, health and nutrition, and livelihood assistance to children and families in East and Southern Africa, Syria and other regions affected by conflicts.

2020 Use of Funds

Proceeds from Macau Famine this year will be used to support World Vision’s projects in Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, providing food, nutrition and livelihood assistance for hungry children and families affected by natural disasters.


To provide 5 chicks to 1 family in Zimbabwe


To provide drought-resistant seeds for 1 family in Somalia


To subsidise the construction of water supply and storage facilities in South Sudan.

You may also donate via the following channels:

Direct Bank-in*

Tai Fung Bank

  • MOP:201-1-07025-2
  • HKD:101-1-09229-8


  • Debit cardholders of Bank of China can make donations via “BOC EXPRESS”
  • If you have applied for online banking from Bank of China, you may donate via “BOCNET (Personal)” account

Crossed Cheque*

Please make cheque payable to “World Vision of Macau Association”

Become a Sponsor

Join Child Sponsorship Programme and sponsor a needy child

*Please mail your bank-in slip or crossed cheque, with your name, contact number and address, to World Vision of Macau Association at P.O. Box 530, Macau, indicating “Macau Famine” on the envelope.

View sharing of the honorary supporting committee in Chinese.

Become a Volunteer


There are many ways to support the Macau Famine. Besides taking part in various activities, you can also become a volunteer to help support our logistics and operation.


Please contact our Public Education Department on (853) 2843 5335

Join Us

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