Macau Famine 2022 has been successfully held

All Macau Famine activities this year, namely, Red Packet Campaign, Drawing Competition, Flag Day, School Famine, Charity Sale, Skip-A-Meal and 10-Hour Self-Famine, have been successfully held.

We thank all participants and volunteers for their active participation, and all our sponsors and supporting groups for their generosity in blessing starving children and families affected by natural disasters and the pandemic.

Famine Event Highlights

Famine activities may be over now, but the mission to help starving children goes on. We encourage you to continue to care for starving children and sow hope for them:

Wild Fruits: The Only Food They Have

Last year, many children and families in South Sudan lived in displacement due to floods and conflict. Among them were five-year-old Adut (right) and her family who are currently living in a refugee settlement.

Every day, Adut’s father would go to look for wild fruits in the forest to feed the family. These fruits that Adut and her mother are cracking serve as the only meal of the day for the family. “My baby’s [Adut’s brother] health is improving thanks to the Plumpy’Nut that World Vision gives us regularly, but due to the lack of sufficient food, I am afraid his situation might deteriorate again,” says Adut’s mother. Let’s help them overcome their hardships!

Donate Now

Proceeds from Macau Famine this year will be used to support World Vision’s projects in South Sudan and Somalia to provide food and livelihoods assistance for starving children and families affected by natural disasters and the pandemic.


Provide training to 3 farmers on agronomic practices, including pest management and climate-smart agriculture in South Sudan


Provide farming tools and seeds for 1 impoverished family in Somalia to grow food and improve livelihoods


Subsidise the cost of rehabilitation of community irrigation system to enable effective farming and sustained yield during dry season in South Sudan

You may also donate via the following channels:


If you have applied for online banking of Bank of China, you may donate via your "BOCNET (Personal)" account

  1. Log in to your account and select “Donation”
  2. Under "Charities", select "World Vision" > "Specified Program" > "Macau Famine"

Direct Bank-in*

Tai Fung Bank

  • MOP: 201-1-07025-2
  • HKD: 101-1-09229-8

Crossed Cheque*

Please make the cheque payable to “World Vision of Macau Association”

*Please mail your bank-in slip or crossed cheque, with your name, contact number and address, to World Vision of Macau Association at P.O. Box 530, Macau, indicating “Macau Famine” on the envelope.

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