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Volunteers are long-term partners of World Vision. Without your enthusiastic support, our Famine activities, fundraising and outdoor education programmes would not run smoothly. As well as making donations to World Vision, do you want to make a difference in the world and help the poor and needy? Share your love and become a World Vision volunteer.

Promotion of Child Sponsorship

Service: Support our promotion counters and help new sponsors register in our Child Sponsorship Programme
Time: Activity-based
Location: Activity-based

Office work

Service: Assist in mail handling, filing, data input in Chinese and English, translation, etc.
Time: Mondays to Fridays during office hours
Location: World Vision Hong Kong Office

Macau volunteer services

Become a World Vision volunteer and support our promotional activities, professional services or office administrative work

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World Vision Hong Kong

World Vision Hong Kong manages volunteer registration through the volunteer management platform of “Social Career”*. To become our volunteer, please click here# to register, and you will be directed to the website of “Social Career” for our volunteer membership registration.

* Social Career is a non-profit technology organization registered in Hong Kong in 2015, with a mission to encourage the general public to volunteer and get involved in social causes and service activities. To know more about “Social Career”, please visit their website.
# The personal information collected for signing up a “Social Career” account is jointly owned by the "Social Career" and World Vision Hong Kong. The personal information provided for the volunteer membership registration is owned by World Vision Hong Kong. All personal information provided will only be used for volunteer activities.

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