Outdoor Fundraising Campaign

Inviting you to partner with us through Outdoor Fundraising

World Vision believes that Outdoor Fundraising Campaign (inside malls, commercial buildings and in the street) is the most effective and direct way to communicate World Vision’s work and programme beneficiaries to the public. Our Child Sponsorship Ambassadors are World Vision staff and volunteers, which help to maintain our operation cost at the lowest, so that more donations could go directly towards development programmes for alleviating poverty.

How to verify the identity of a World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador?

  • All World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassadors wear white World Vision T-shirts. They wear a working pass that clearly indicates both their Chinese and English name, staff number and includes a photo.
  • For ease of identification, fundraising volunteers wear vest with the word “Volunteer” printed on.
  • World Vision is approved by the Land Department to hold fundraising activities in the street. If you have further enquiries, please approach our Child Sponsorship Ambassadors.


  • World Vision never accepts cash or cheque donations in the street. For your convenience, our ambassadors will assist you in filling in the donation form for regular monthly donation via autopay method of credit card or bank transfer.
  • For enquiries, please call us at (852)2394 2394.

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