Tax Deduction for Donation

World Vision Hong Kong is a tax-exempt charity of the HKSAR Government. According to current tax regulations, with the receipt of accumulated charitable donations amounting to HK$100 or above annually, donors can apply for tax deduction in Hong Kong.

To encourage charitable donations from the public, the HKSAR Government exempts up to 35% of assessable income or profits on approved charitable donations.

Receipts are issued for all donations for the purpose of tax deduction, and regular donors will receive an annual donation receipt from World Vision Hong Kong by the end of April each year. The annual receipt will list out the total donations in the past financial year for tax deduction. For the ease of reference and to help protect our environment, you may choose to go paperless by receiving an e-receipt via email. Please register by 31 March in order to receive your receipt in time.

Select your preferred donation method

You may make a one-off donation to particular projects of World Vision Hong Kong and support various ministries. Moreover, you are more than welcome to join our monthly donation programmes to support our development projects. This could provide a stable source of funding for us to develop long-term and effective plans in order to help children, families and communities in need around the world.

To ensure that every cent is well accounted for, we continue to keep costs at the minimum. During the Financial Year of 2021, 6% of our total income was spent on administration and fundraising, and 1.2% was used for public education, while 92.8% was allocated to global relief and community development programmes, and respective reserves. Donate now to support:

You can make your donations through direct debit, credit cards, Unionpay, PPS (Payment by Phone Service), or our online donation service. Direct debit is the most effective donation method to help reduce our administration costs, followed by credit cards.

World Vision Hong Kong is a Christian humanitarian organisation. Through donations from our donors, we are working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities in need. If you would like to learn more about our use of funds, please read our annual report.

For enquiries, please call the donation hotline of World Vision Hong Kong on 2394 2394 or email us at [email protected]