A Powerful Tool to Change the Poor’s World!

Microfinance provides a hand up, not a hand out. It eradicates poverty by providing the entrepreneurial poor with financial services that help them establish or expand small, self-sustaining businesses.

It breaks the cycle of poverty

By lending money to people who have little or no access to affordable financial services.

It creates sustainable livelihoods

Small loans provide the working capital for a business to grow, and this enables the poor to exert greater control over their financial future.

Businesses benefit the community

As businesses expand, jobs are created and the local economy improves.

It improves children’s well-being

Parents use the profits they earn to improve the lives of their children. This includes food, healthcare, tuition and housing.

It builds strong foundation for future development

Microfinance leads to higher standards of education, better health, and greater resilience to disasters for poor families. In addition, it sustains the economic engine that empowers the transition from dependency to sustainability.

World Vision and Vision Fund

In 2003, VisionFund International was established by World Vision as a wholly owned subsidiary to oversee World Vision's microfinance work.

VisionFund: Two Hands

Let's travel to Sri Lanka with Sugumaran and see how VisionFund has changed his life.

How Microfinance Works?

Services Offered

VisionFund aims to change the lives of children living in poverty through providing financial empowerment for their families. VisionFund empowers hardworking parents, often mothers, with small loans and other financial services to start or expand their business. With a sustainable income, they can raise happy and healthy children.

Support VisionFund

Donate now to provide loan capital to benefit hardworking parents and their children.
HK$4,500 could help 3 members of the community bank* and their families
HK$7,500 could help 5 members of a community bank* and their families
HK$15,000 could help 10 members of a community bank* and their families

Your donation will not stop here! As we recycle the loan from one borrower to another, there is no limit to the number of children who could benefit from a single gift!

*Community bank is one of the major loans methodologies of VisionFund. It usually consists of 20 members who provide peer guarantee for one another with no physical collateral.