Vision Talks - Primary Schools

It takes a world to end violence against children. "It Takes A World" Global Citizenship Programme aims to nurture and mobilize young people to be key players in advocating for change. Responding to UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our Vision Talks and experiential activities are designed to enhance students’ knowledge on global poverty and challenge young people to take real actions to create a better world.

What Can A Chicken Do? (Hunger & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
How the World Works – Nutrition, Health & Living
Key Learning:
  • The difficulties of children in poverty and the meaning of hunger
  • How World Vision uses chickens to help these children and their families
  • Actions to help children in hunger
Vision Action:

A World Without Water (Water & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
Sharing the Planet – Water Conservation, Public Health
Key Learning:
  • Use of an interactive method to allow students to discover the problems of water shortage faced by children in developing countries
  • Learn about ways to relieve problems of water shortage
  • Actions to help and save water resources
Vision Action:

An Extraordinary School Day (Education & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
How the World Works – Children’s Rights, Equal Opportunities
Key Learning:
  • Explore the learning environment of children in developing countries
  • How lack of education affect impoverished children
  • How World Vision helps these children
  • How students can help and voice out for children
Vision Action:
  • No-Desk-&-Chair Day

The Forgotten (Conflicts & Disaster)

Key Concepts:
Where we are in Place and Time – World Peace, Sustainability
Key Learning:
  • How wars and natural disasters affect the poor’s livelihood
  • World Vision’s relief and disaster preparedness work
  • World Vision’s rehabilitation work in communities affected by disasters
Vision Actions:

Enrolment Information

  • All Vision Talks, Vision Actions and resources are free-of-charge.

  • Please provide a computer with Internet access, a projector, audio and visual equipment.

  • Please fax or email the enrolment form at least 2 weeks before the talk to 2394 0566 or Confirmation will be sent by fax or email upon receipt of application.

  • Enrolment for 2019-20 English Vision Talks is now open to all international schools and non-Chinese speaking schools on a first-come, first-served basis. Each school can apply for 2 talks per academic year, with at least 100 students attending each talk.

  • Supporting resources for Vision Actions are available. We also welcome students to create their own campaigns. Email to to get in touch with us.