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It takes a world to end violence against children. Our Global Citizenship Programme aims to plant the seeds of love and compassion in children and nurture global citizens of tomorrow. Through storytelling and interactive games, we would like children to learn about world poverty issues and to inspire them to make positive influences to the lives of others!


Duration: 30-40 min
No. of Participants: 50+
Format: Face-to-face or Zoom (Pre-recorded YouTube videos by request only)

Drip Drip Drop into the Kettle (Water Resources)

Key Concepts:
  • Health & Living, People & Environment
Key Learning:
  • Many children struggle to get clean water
  • The dangers of drinking unclean water
  • The access to clean water can change the lives of poor families
  • To share and treasure what we have
Extended Activity:
Making a Tipping Tea Kettle

Mary Has A Little Goat (Hunger & Poverty)

Key Concepts:
  • Health & Living, Compassion
Key Learning:
  • The impacts of hunger & poverty on children
  • A little goat can bless a poor family
  • To bless other children by sharing and offering help
Vision Action:


Making a Tipping Tea Kettle

By designing a tea kettle, it reminds students that many children in the world do not have access to clean water. We encourage them to cultivate the habit of cherishing water and be the catalysts of change.

*Activity guidelines, PowerPoint slides and stickers are provided by World Vision. Please contact us for more details.*


During Chinese New Year, we invite students to donate a red packet and support children in need.
PowerPoint slides, posters, stickers, donation boxes and certificates are provided by World Vision. Please contact us for more details.

Jan-Mar 2022

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Enrolment Information

  • All Vision Talks, Vision Actions and educational resources are free-of-charge.

  • Please provide a computer with Internet access, a projector, microphones and speakers.

  • Please fax or email the enrolment form at least 2 weeks before the talk to 2394 0566 or [email protected]. Confirmation will be sent by fax or email upon receipt of application.

  • Enrolment for 2021-22 English Vision Talks is now open to K2-3 students of international schools on a first-come, first-served basis. Each school can apply for 2 talks per academic year, with at least 50 students attending each talk.