5,000 Steps for a Brighter Future

Farmers in Afghanistan have long been struggling in drylands. With the droughts in recent years, many families have been forced to move in order to survive.

To stay healthy, many people have set a target of walking 10,000 steps every day. However, have you ever thought that you can change someone’s life by dedicating 5,000 of those steps to a good cause? Join us with your loved ones and multiply the impact! You will be able to help many children and families affected by drought in Afghanistan. With community water systems and clean water in place, they will be able to grow food again, and their children will no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water, but receive education and thrive instead.

The pandemic has not halted disasters and drought, likewise, it will not stop our cause. The walk will take on a more flexible format. Participants will be able to raise funds by doing sports over 9 days to support children and families in Afghanistan.

Event Details

Participants will be able to choose their preferred activities and complete them at their own discretion. After submitting their exercise records (route or number of steps, time or calories, images of exercise records), the system will convert the data into number of steps and calculate the accumulated number of steps. We will share short family-friendly exercise clips later to help parents and children enjoy the time exercising together.

Period 20-28 February 2021 (9 days)
Venue / Time At participant’s choice (we recommend that each session lasts at least 30 minutes)
Eligible Activities Walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, yoga, workout or dancing
Fundraising Categories and Targets
Categories Minimum number of steps
Individual 5,000 (about 4 km)
Family 15,000 (about 12 km)
Corporate, Group & Church 50,000 (about 40 km)
Minimum Fundraising Amount Adults (Above 12): $300 / person
Children (12 and below): $200 / person
Certificates and Souvenirs
Participants who manage to complete the minimum number of steps and upload their exercise record will be considered to have successfully completed the challenge, and will therefore receive the following:
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Finisher Medal
  • Commemorative Towel
  • Drawstring bag
  • Prizes For the “Individual” and “Family” categories, prizes will be awarded to the three entries with most funds raised and most active participation.

    For the “Corporate, Groups & Church” category, prizes will be awarded to the three entities with the most funds raised and most active participation, as well as the entity with the highest number of participants.

    The cut-off date for the calculation of prizes for most funds raised and highest number of participants is 8 February 2021. Prizes for most active participation will be calculated based on the average number of steps taken during the event.
    Enrolment & Fundraising Deadline
    16 February 2021 (Tuesday)

    Water Running Low in Afghanistan as Drought Worsens

    The severe drought has caused the land in Afghanistan to become even more barren. Underground water levels dropped and wells dried up, leading to crop failures and food shortages. Much afflicted, the adults have to spend hours farming in dried fields, while children take up the duty of fetching water. To reach a water source, some have to walk for as many as six hours. The droughts in 2018 and 2019 were devastating for so many farmers, and some 200,000 of them were forced to become displaced with their families in search of a way to survive.

    14-year-old Aziz is one of the many children who have to fetch water for their families. “Sometimes I had to leave my homework behind to go fetch water, and I could no longer continue when I returned because I was exhausted,” he says. During the drought, Aziz had to travel great distances with his donkey to bring water from mountain streams. During winter, this task was especially difficult.

    Aziz is very happy that he no longer needs to make long trips to fetch water, thanks to the water supply system installed by World Vision.

    Roads in rural Afghanistan are often rough. Children need to walk for some three to six hours just to fetch water.

    It is often the children, both boys and girls, who are responsible for fetching water for the entire family. They can be as young as just a few years old.

    Your 5,000 steps will save Afghan children countless unnecessary trips!

    Use of Funds

    Funds raised from this event will support World Vision to provide water supply facilities, food security and livelihood assistance in Afghanistan, with the aim to assist children and families who have lost their livelihoods and homes due to adverse environmental conditions. Your generosity will help rebuild their lives, restore their health and rekindle hope.


    can provide 3 farmers with agricultural training that promotes storage of rainfall and resource-efficient irrigation methodologies


    can provide drought-tolerant seeds for 1 farmer to reduce the input of water during irrigation


    can subsidise the cost of new irrigation facilities to improve irrigation efficiency

    The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club fully supports the event, including sponsorship for the operation and programme costs.

    World Vision Hong Kong, incorporated with limited liability, is a Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty.
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