Corporate Participation

World Vision Hong Kong collaborates with companies and organisations to promote corporate social responsibility and encourage actions to help impoverished children around the world. You and your company can participate in a variety of ways to strengthen your business and boost employee morale.


Every year, World Vision holds various fundraising and educational activities. We look forward to the support of local organisations through their assistance in promotion, sponsorship, fundraising or encouraging staff to volunteer. Please find details on the Event Calendar.

Be Our Partners

We welcome different forms of partnership (e.g. charity sales, event venue sponsorship, advertisement sponsorship, volunteer, etc.) to support our work. Your contribution will become great help and enables us to help more children in need!

Child Sponsorship Programme

Corporates and organisations are welcome to join our Child Sponsorship Programme to help transform the lives of needy children and communities, bringing them food, education opportunities, healthcare, love and protection!

Project Support

To improve the lives of impoverished children and bring sustainable community development in the long run, corporate and organisations can consider supporting different projects, such as agriculture, water and sanitation, education, training and economic development that will benefit children and families in developing countries. (Learn More)


The United Nations' World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has recently identified 2023 as the hottest year on record globally, and expects 2024 to be even hotter. Due to global warming, countries in Africa have been experiencing devastating droughts and storms. The result was a large number of crop failures and a spread of infectious diseases, causing local people to face severe hunger and health problems.

Africa is currently the region with the largest increase in the number of hungry people, with an average of one in five people suffering hunger. We encourage companies and organisations to skip a meal on any day from March to August and donate its cost to support World Vision to provide food assistance, medical treatment and water supply facilities for impoverished children and families in South Sudan and Somalia. As a token of our gratitude, the top three companies with the highest number of participants, the largest amount of total donation, and the highest donation per person will be awarded. Those that raise HK$1,000 or more will each receive a certificate of appreciation.


Join us as volunteers for our Used Book Recycling Campaign 2024

Co-organised with AEON Stores, our Used Book Recycling Campaign has entered its 30th year! We sincerely thank corporate organisations for actively participating in the volunteering programme over the years, assisting us in collecting books in various areas of Hong Kong, sorting the books, displaying event posters, and providing charity sale venues. We look forward to your continued participation this year, advocating for environmental protection and caring for different needs in the community!

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital encouraged staff to support Skip-A-Meal

We are thankful for Hong Kong Baptist Hospital’s support of Skip-A-Meal campaign over the years. They mobilised their staff and community members to actively participate in charity sales, talent performances and various activities to raise funds for children in hunger.

Cathay Charity Packages Redemption supports Gift Catalogue

We are thankful to Cathay Pacific for providing their members chances to redeem charity packages from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue, which supports local grassroots children and families, our health projects and projects to combat climate change in impoverished areas.

DBS eSHOP Redemption Supports Grass-roots Families In Need

A special thanks to DBS Bank for becoming our charity partner. DBS credit card holders can now give their DBS$ or COMPASS Dollar as donations to provide care and support for grass-roots families in Hong Kong. 

NRG Taekwondo Sponsors More Children as they Acquire More Students

Our heartfelt thanks go to NRG Taekwondo Korea Limited for  continually raising their support to Child Sponsorship alongside with their growth in the number of students. Their commitment has been transforming more children’s lives in the world.

4M designates educational toys to support VisionFund

We express our heartfelt gratitude to 4M Industrial Development Limited, for their keen support to World Vision over the years. Each year, they donate a percentage of sales proceeds of designated educational toys to VisionFund, which provides financial services to the poor in establishing their self-sustaining businesses and eventually be free from poverty.

Long Term Partners

AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co. Limited

AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co. Limited, with its environmentally friendly approach, has supported World Vision's Used Book Recycling Campaign for many years. AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co. Limited assisted in collecting books and funds donated by the public. It also supported World Vision’s various development projects to help those living in poverty.

Hong Kong Communications Company Limited

With the belief of “sharing achievements with the society”, Hong Kong Communications Company Limited has become the sponsor of the 30-Hour Famine and World Vision China Partners since 2001. The company widely spreads the message of caring for children in hunger and encourages more people to take part in Famine activities along with its staff.

Agile Group Holdings Limited

Agile Group Holdings Limited has been a keen supporter of World Vision’s Famine activities for years in the spirit of “the world’s city creator”. Since 2010, it has become the principal sponsor of the 30-Hour Famine. Through teaming up staff to participate famine evetns, it actively promotes the awareness of global hunger among the people of Hong Kong to help feed hungry children.

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Every Chinese New Year, The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club works together with World Vision to hold the Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children. We encourage the general public, corporates and organisations to take part in the charity walk on the golf course to bring joy to children living in poverty.