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As life gradually returns to normal after the pandemic, we have also resumed our field visits.

Let the Hungry Be Heard

How much time do you normally spend on food every day?

A Female Footballer Who Shines with Her Own Light

At the young age of three, Evelyn showed the potential to become a football player.

A Happy Learning Space for Children

As Ukrainian mothers bring their little ones, a vivid scene emerges within the walls of World Vision’s child friendly space.

Harvesting Hope

“After the epidemic, I learnt several farming techniques thanks to World Vision.”

World Vision Hong Kong in Vietnam (2022)

In 2022, World Vision Hong Kong contributed approximately HK$10.32 million to support 3 APs and 1 other project in Vietnam.

Autumn 2023 Issue 136

How much time do you normally spend on food every day?

Summer 2023 Issue 135

The impact that ChatGPT has brought is not limited to technological development.

Spring 2023 Issue 134

For women, sometimes gender-based limitations may confine options and set obstacles much harder to overcome.

Winter 2022 Issue 133

As residents of this world, we are all in some ways subject to the changes of seasons and natural disasters.

Autumn 2022 Issue 132

World Vision always strives to follow the example of Jesus Christ to serve the poor. Since arriving in Hong Kong to...

Summer 2022 Issue 131

Ukraine. A country that we were previously unfamiliar with has now become the centre of much of our attention.

Spring 2022 Issue 130

The UN states that in 2020, 2 billion people lacked safely managed drinking water services free from contamination.

Winter 2021 Issue 129

You may have never visited Bangladesh, but it is likely that you will see many products in your wardrobe that are made there.

Autumn 2021 Issue 128

As the saying goes, “it takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man”.

Summer 2021 Issue 127

For the last year or so, we may have a feeling that our lives have been rather plain, but not normal at all.

Spring 2021 Issue 126

The pandemic’s imminent threats to children’s well-being are very evident, but sadly remain underrated and unaddressed.

Winter 2020 Issue 125

For many students, this year’s first day of school must have been an eagerly anticipated and somewhat trembling moment.

Autumn 2020 Issue 124

This year, we are experiencing the biggest crisis of global health and economy since World War II.

Summer 2020 Issue 123

In the past few months, our minds have been fully occupied by a pandemic that breaks out among us, not realising that locusts......

Spring 2020 Issue 122

Every year, we set new personal goals for ourselves, and turn them into a series of to-do lists.

Winter 2019 Issue 121

In some countries, deeply-rooted traditions, concepts and norms often restrain children and families from seeking change.

Autumn 2019 Issue 120

Many in the world still have vivid memories of the genocides that took place in Cambodia (1970s) and Rwanda (1990s).

Summer 2019 Issue 119

Back in the 1950s, only 30% of the global population lived in cities, a figure that skyrocketed to 55% in 2018.

Spring 2019 Issue 118

In recent years, over 120 million people have needed urgent humanitarian assistance and protection each year.

Winter 2018 Issue 117

It is a common belief that family is the greatest source of well-being.

Autumn 2018 Issue 116

It is not uncommon to see parents raise sons and daughters using very different approaches and with very different expectatio......

Summer 2018 Issue 115

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) reports that 152 million children worldwide, that is, almost one in every ten chi......

Spring 2018 Issue 114

It is said that “history repeats itself.” We often see examples of repeated mistakes, especially in wars and armed conflicts.......

Winter 2017 Issue 113

Violence may seem to be irrelevant to children, yet nothing could be further from the truth than this.

Autumn 2017 Issue 112

50 years ago, an Indian boy named Kailash Satyarthi saw a small boy shining shoes at the school gate. He then went to the boy......

Summer 2017 Issue 111

Today, humanitarian needs are exceeding historical records. We must not forget about those living among crises and disasters.

Spring 2017 Issue 110

If children don't achieve that one goal in the first decade of life, they may struggle for the decades to come.

Winter 2016 Issue 109

Local ownership and capacity building are the keys to sustaining community development.

Autumn 2016 Issue 108

We can't prevent a natural disaster from happening, however, we can reduce the damages done by it.