Winter 2023 Issue 137

Words from CEO

As the climate crisis aggravates, we too are feeling the powerful effects of climate change.

Unearth Children’s Potential for a Brighter Tomorrow

While committed to ensuring that children have the opportunity to receive an education, we also hope that they can discover........

Keeping War-torn Communities Alive and Well

As a displaced person, Abu Hashim lost his home, his land, and his family is out in the cold.

A Role to Play, A Chance to Contribute

“When World Vision started its involvement in this community, I saw my opportunity to support children and others.”

Empowered to Shine and Serve

Yin is the eldest daughter in her family of four, made up of her father, mother and 9-year-old brother.

World Vision Hong Kong in DR Congo (2022)

In 2022, World Vision Hong Kong contributed about HK$49.23 million to support 4 APs and 13 other projects in DR Congo.