A Role to Play, A Chance to Contribute


A Role to Play, A Chance to Contribute

“Although I’m unable to give financial support to help children in this difficult area, I can contribute my labour. When World Vision Thailand started its involvement in this community, I saw my opportunity to support children and other underprivileged people,” says Saeng Dao, 22, a World Vision volunteer in Umphang District.

World Vision Thailand has started its involvement in Umphang District since Saeng Dao was a student. Although she was not a sponsored child, Saeng Dao benefited from the development work that focused on supporting children and families and addressing the community’s pressing problems, which has gradually transformed her vulnerable community.

Saeng Dao’s education ended after secondary school. She thought that her life would end up repeating the fate of her parents, trapped in the cycle of poverty. She wished that children in her community would have a chance to thrive and a better quality of life than hers. Therefore, Saeng Dao started her new role as a World Vision volunteer to support the work of World Vision Thailand in her community.

As a World Vision volunteer, Saeng Dao serves as a coordinator responsible for selecting and screening vulnerable children and families to join Child Sponsorship and other special projects implemented by World Vision Thailand, as well as monitoring and visiting children at home. She also reports child-related incidents to World Vision staff to seek help, convenes meetings to build understanding with children’s families, and delivers aid to children, their families, and the community.

“I’m glad and proud to have a chance to help others, including World Vision and children and their families in the community. Because I live here and know the community well, I am able to help the most vulnerable children,” says Saeng Dao. “It is my pleasure to step in to help. It is tiring sometimes but the smiles of children and the improved quality of life of the villagers give me strength to keep supporting them.”

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