Empowered to Shine and Serve


Empowered to Shine and Serve

By Cassandra Li

Yin is the eldest daughter in her family of four, made up of her father, mother and 9-year-old brother. In the past, Yin was a “dead rationalist”. Social worker Mr. Cheuk recalls that when he first met Yin, she was quite reserved and distant, but would also argue fiercely, giving people an impression that she is very tough to deal with and rarely pays attention to others. Therefore, Mr. Cheuk invited Yin to join World Vision’s Young Navigators Children's Group, which has been running for some time. As she did not know anyone in the group well, Yin was very shy and did not dare to discuss her ideas with others at first. Even when it was time to take group photos of activities, there was always an invisible barrier between her and her colleagues. Yin says she used to be isolated by the whole class while in primary school, which left her with a deep sense of inferiority.

“Later, during the summer vacation, I gradually became more comfortable with everyone.” Through practical interactions with her peers, Yin gradually let go down her guard and was attracted by the passion and personalities of her new friends. In addition to recognising the strengths of her friends, Yin also discovered her own potential through taking part in the group activities. Yin, who was a “homebody”, went to the streets with her teammates to interview residents about their habits for the disposal of domestic rubbish in order to improve the community rubbish classification project. Moreover, when the team leader was absent for three or four days, she was given the opportunity to become the deputy team leader to lead her teammates to complete their tasks.

Yin’s unique perspective and action-oriented personality helped her earn the respect and trust of the team members and team leaders. After the group leader returned, she asked Yin to continue to be the deputy group leader. “Although I usually act as a support person within the team, for the first time ever, I felt valued,” said Yin. Thanks to the recognition of the people around her, as well as the encouragement of her best friend, Yin was able to gradually shake off her sense of inferiority. After participating in several community activities, Yin now has a clear plan for her life and is very enthusiastic about serving the community.

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