Dear Reader,

“Somalia? That’s dangerous! There are a lot of pirates out there! You must be careful!” These are some of the immediate reactions from my family and friends soon as they found out I am going to Somalia. I’m not surprised, as the greatest impression we have of Somalia are pirates and violence.

Somaliland is located in the north of Somalia. Due to climate change in the past few years, the country has experienced severe droughts, as well as floods previously. With conflicts and violence caused by ethnic competition for resources year after year, families are displaced within the country in order to survive. There are more than 180 camps for displaced people in Somaliland alone. We visited 4 of the camps and saw that they were all made of recycled plastic bags, rags, metal sheets and branches. There was no electricity, drinking water and toilets, and hygiene was poor. The land nearby was also degraded, overgrown with thorns, and could not be cultivated at all. The only thing people living in the camps could rely on was assistance from outside the area.

World Vision builds fresh water facilities for these people to enjoy clean portable water; constructs sanitary toilets for girls to gain safe access; provides mobile clinics, especially for women and children, to receive medical support when they are sick. Our staff at the field offices know that the fragility of people does not only come from natural or manmade disasters. The key problem is that extreme weather is becoming more frequent and unpredictable, and people do not have the capacity and time to recover properly. Disasters caused by climate change are far more serious than pirates in the area. Dealing with a fragile context often requires going the extra mile in our work, but we should not give up. We ask everyone to persevere and hang in there with us.

On another note, the 2023 Annual Report has recently been published. I would encourage you to read the full Annual Report online and witness the impact of our concerted effort. Last but not least, the upcoming Used Book Recycling Campaign is raising funds for SEN children, so please get involved by donating and buying books.

Yours truly,
Amy Fung
Chief Executive Officer

I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.
Isaiah 41:18

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