Our Work

World Vision is committed to serving the vulnerable and poor. Our work includes emergency relief and sustainable development programmes that address the needs of the poor at different times by providing appropriate assistance and support. Locally, we organise advocacy campaigns and charity programmes to raise awareness of global issues in Hong Kong.

Emergency Relief

When disaster strikes, victims in poor areas often suffer heavy losses; they cannot afford the cost of rebuilding their homes and communities. World Vision responds immediately by providing basic necessities to ease the desperate situation for the affected and following with rehabilitation work.

Response to Global Needs

Every day, countless people suffer from poverty, conflict, disease, food shortage and many other adversities. Give your helping hand to the world's most vulnerable through Childhood Rescue!

Long-term Community Development

To improve the lives of poverty stricken children, we must first improve their living conditions. World Vision pools together donations from Child Sponsorship, VisionFund, Project Support and World Vision China Partners. We work alongside communities to address the root causes of poverty and support families to become self-reliant in the long run.

Public Education and Advocacy

World Vision Hong Kong organises large-scale advocacy activities and promotes various educational activities in schools, business corporations and churches to raise public awareness about poverty. We gather more resources to help transform the lives of needy children and families.

Local Programme

COVID-19 has left a serious impact on the daily life and studies of many grass-roots children and families. World Vision is collaborating with several local charity organisations and the grass-roots or vulnerable communities. The collaboration supports their related projects and programmes to provide practical help and care for families in need.