Emergency Relief

Global Hunger Relief

Due to a mix of the impact of conflict, climate change and an economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is estimated that 828 million people globally faced hunger. But with your participatio......

Ukraine Crisis Response

The situation in Ukraine remains tense. In total, a third of Ukraine’s population and two-thirds of its children have now fled their homes because of the war, and they are in great need of emergency a......

COVID-19 Global Response

Since early 2020, COVID-19 has developed into a global pandemic. Many developing countries, and even war zones and refugee camps, are also bearing the brunt of the pandemic.

Syrian Refugee Response

It has been ten years since Syria’s civil war broke out in March 2011. In this decade-long conflict, nearly 600,000 have been killed, including 55,000 children. The war has brought massive destruction......

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis Response

In late August 2017, conflict broke out in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Three years after the mass atrocities forced them to flee for their lives, 860,000 Rohingya—more than half of whom are children—are s......

Long Term Development Programmes

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a child with HK$270 a month, you can help bring life-transforming changes to needy children and their communities!

Childhood Rescue

Through a monthly donation, the works of World Vision in providing various forms of humanitarian aid, enabling those in fragility to survive, recover and build a future.

World Vision China Partners

A monthly donation of HK$100 or above can provide needy people in China with practical support to overcome difficulties.

One-off Donation

Gift Catalogue Share love! Select gifts like pigs and bikes for needy children and families to add meaning to the season...
Share.LOVE Wedding Favour Donation On your joyous day, make it more meaningful by making a donation in lieu of wedding favours to celebrate the joy of giving with your guests!
Share.JOY Cash Gift Donation You can turn party favours or upcoming gifts of birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or other occasions into meaningful help for needy children.
VisionFund Your donation can provide the loan capital for the enterprising poor to establish their own business and break away from the poverty cycle.
Legacy Giving Leaving a gift to World Vision in your will can change the lives of children and communities for generations to come.
Local Programme World Vision Hong Kong has launched our Local Programme in collaboration with professional organisations and partners, and started to provide material support and care towards those in need.
Help Children in Need Your donation will support needy children and their families on improve their living conditions.
Donation to Where Most Needed Your donation will support World Vision's work in the most needed areas to help people alleviate poverty and help bring hope to the needy children around the world.