Ordinary People. Extraordinary Impact.

This year, we have all seen how a tiny virus has halted the entire world, and we have also stood together against it as ordinary individuals. As an international relief and development organisation, World Vision is doing its best to respond to COVID-19 in more than 70 countries. It has been our mission to actively and rapidly rise to the challenges of disasters and crises over the past 70 years, including the Ethiopia famine, the Rwandan genocide and numerous refugee crises, reaching out to the most vulnerable and standing by them as lives were rebuilt and hope rediscovered.

We may be ordinary individuals, but when we all join forces, we will make an extraordinary impact together.

Extraordinary Stories

“We want to be in the world what we think Jesus Christ would be if He were in the middle of all of these problems and needs.”
— Dr. Bob Pierce, Founder of World Vision

Dr. Bob Pierce(1914–1978), was a war correspondent, a faithful servant of God, a father and the founder of World Vision. In 1947, Bob, then 33 years old, left the United States for China on his first mission, his first time preaching the gospel in another culture. Appalled by the plight and poverty of the people that he met, Bob deeply felt that when someone needed food, clothing, shelter or medicine to survive, hearing the good news alone was not enough, there had to be something practical to go with it. This motivated him to found World Vision in 1950.

Bob covered the suffering of the Korean War as a journalist with his writing and camera, bringing firsthand information back to the United States and calling on people to care for and help those who became orphans and widows. For Bob, the poor were not merely a set of figures, but lives with unique faces, names, feelings, hopes and aspirations.

As the Vietnam War escalated, World Vision became more involved by providing direct assistance, such as starting refugee schools, providing shelters for the displaced, assisting amputees with wheelchairs, and setting up a bakery to make nutritional biscuits for hungry children.

Currently, World Vision has expanded to serve the poor and vulnerable in nearly 100 countries around the world, carrying on with the same passion and beliefs that Bob had.

Unleash Your Hidden Hero

World Vision has been serving the world's most in need for 70 years. We believe that every ordinary person has extraordinary powers.
When we all come together, we can help make the world a better place and create a legacy that lasts.
Join our cause and unleash the hidden hero inside you now!

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