I am ordinary

The people that we cross paths with every day may be ordinary. However, as one in the 7 billion people across the globe, what we think and do can be extraordinary for others and even the world.

We may be ordinary individuals, but when we all join forces, we will make an extraordinary impact together.

Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu

Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu

"Back in secondary school, we both had to share a lunchbox with a classmate because of some family circumstances. That's why we don't waste food even until now." Speaking of food, Priscilla and Edwin both think of the dishes that their mothers used to prepare for them, and even try to replicate those flavours for us.

The couple have realised something during the recent pandemic. "What mother would not do the groceries and prepare meals for her children, just to avoid the risk of visiting crowded places? They even have to endure the soaring food prices while balancing children's nutrition. Mothers, especially those from poor families are taking in a lot of pressure."

Priscilla and Edwin also visited two local families who are beneficiaries of World Vision's Local Ministry. These families regularly receive food packages, including fruits, vegetables, meat, noodles or rice, etc., so that their children can stay well-nourished in the pandemic. "Although the food in these packs do not seem special, they are basically what children need most...Likewise, many things they seem insignificant and ordinary, may mean a lot to someone else. We should try to do more of these things."

Ernest Yip

Ernest Yip

Ernest Yip has participated in three teacher tours since 2017, visiting Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar with World Vision. He would then share his experience and stories from these poor countries with his students. “This is a big world. As members of it, we are no different from a grain of dust. I often remind myself to be humble, and face everything meekly,” Having achieved his dream of becoming a teacher, Ernest also hopes that his students could try to achieve extraordinary things to the best of their ability.

Venue Support: Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School

Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan

For years, Stephen Chan has been attending 30-Hour Famine in person to show his support. Since a decade ago, he has even started sponsoring children. During the pandemic last year, he started “stephenchannel” to express his concerns for global issues such as poverty and hunger. While these issues are challenging, he thinks that does not mean we do not have to try to solve them. He also encourages every ordinary person to do their part. “Just follow your heart, and all that you do will naturally become extraordinary. And don’t underestimate how powerful you are,” he says.


World Vision Interns

Every year, World Vision recruits local university students to become short-term interns. In the past, interns used to have the opportunity to visit and intern at World Vision’s project areas. However, after the pandemic broke out, interns would stay in Hong Kong to learn, help develop educational resources, lead school talks, etc. Andrew, Antonie, Chloe and Phoebe (from left to right), who come from different institutes, were World Vision interns. Despite not knowing a lot about the organisation at first, they all gained something during the internship.

Through the internship programme, we hope to offer a platform for the local youth, not just to learn more about development and poverty alleviation, but also to collaborate with World Vision in promoting life education services locally, unleashing the extraordinary impact of ordinary people.

Chris Leung and Maggie Leung

Chris Leung and Maggie Leung

Ever since the pandemic began, we have not been able to travel freely and seem to have lost opportunities of exploring the world. Former newscaster Maggie Leung and famed traveller Chris Leung used to share their travel experiences, but have now seen their travel plans completely disrupted by the pandemic. Still, they think there are many ways to connect with and care for the world, which every ordinary person can try to do.

Our Footsteps

Our Footsteps

For World Vision, poverty has never been a set of figures, but children and families in real needs that we serve. In 2020, together with you, World Vision Hong Kong set foot in 35 countries, running 106 Area Development Programmes, 95 short- to mid-term development projects and 76 relief and rehabilitation projects, journeying with 9.7 million poor, vulnerable and needy people through hardships and enabling them to experience transformation.

World Vision Hong Kong set foot in 35 countries
World Vision Hong Kong set foot in 35 countries, running 106 Area Development Programmes, 95 short- to mid-term development projects and 76 relief and rehabilitation projects, journeying with 9.7 million poor, vulnerable and needy people through hardships and enabling them to experience transformation
Major Scopes of Our Work

Food and Livelihoods

  • Provide livestock rearing and agricultural training to increase food supply and the income of families, and help farmers gain access to agricultural markets
  • Help families set up savings and loans groups to increase their income generation capacity

Education and Life Skills

  • Equip parents by introducing them to concepts of children’s physical and cognitive development
  • Help out-of-school children and adolescents return to school or receive vocational training
  • Provide education resources and training for teachers to offer children a safe learning environment

Nutrition and Health

  • Promote nutritional knowledge, breastfeeding and mother-and-child health education to protect children from contracting preventable diseases
  • Refer malnourished children for treatment
  • Improve health services in communities and train health volunteers to help poor families receive adequate treatment

Water and Sanitation

  • Construct water and handwashing facilities, and train community members to manage them so as to maintain sustainable and safe water supply
  • Promote hygiene and handwashing knowledge in communities and schools to help children form good hygiene habits

Love and Protection

  • Promote child protection in communities and help vulnerable families receive social services
  • Hold various children activities to build up children’s capacity and self-confidence
  • Provide help for families to register their newborn children so as to protect their civil rights

Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Offer emergency supplies including food, water and other basic necessities to meet urgent needs
  • Provide psychosocial support for survivors to release their post-disaster distress and regain confidence
  • Carry out rehabilitation projects to help the affected restore their livelihoods

Unleash Your Hidden Hero

World Vision has been serving the world's most in need for 70 years. We believe that every ordinary person has extraordinary powers.
When we all come together, we can help make the world a better place and create a legacy that lasts.
Join our cause and unleash the hidden hero inside you now!

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