Help children overcome disasters and hunger together with Famine Stars Kenny Kwan, Keung To and ILUB

Even the pandemic cannot stop 30-Hour Famine from coming to live! Rather, tough times bind us together in unity more than ever to support one another. For this year’s online 30-Hour Famine, we have invited Famine Stars Kenny Kwan, Keung To and ILUB as representatives to embark on a Famine Journey in Hong Kong’s wild and complete a 30-Hour hunger challenge. The aim is to raise funds for poor families and children facing natural disasters and hunger, as well as giving care, blessings and practical help to the world’s most vulnerable. You will be able to follow the event live online, donate, support the Famine Stars from your home and interact with them.

By donating a lump-sum amount of at least HK$500 (exclusive of donations via the personal fundraising page), or raising a minimum of HK$500 on the personal fundraising page, you are eligible to be a Famine Tripper and redeem a limited edition’s Famine Challenge Pack, which includes a Famine T-shirt, a tote bag, reusable tableware, as well as materials for you to walk through the 30-hour hunger challenge at home simultaneously with the Famine Stars. Only 800 places are available on a first-come, first-served basis according to the submission time of the redemption form. The first 10 Trippers who donate a lump-sum of $5,000 or raise $5,000 on their personal fundraising page will also win an extra G-SHOCK G-SQUAD latest series - GBD-100 Bluetooth sports watch.

Donate now to support the Famine Stars and sow hope for starving children!

*The event is conducted in Cantonese only.

Children are the first to suffer the effects of global warming

With temperatures on the rise around the world, many parts in Africa have been bearing the brunt of global warming. Frequent droughts, cyclones, floods and locust swarms have led to crop failures and aggravated the food crises. Children often become innocent victims who not only face the threat of the pandemic like us all, but are also hit by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. As a result, they are prone to malnutrition, and may even have to drop out of school or become victims of child marriage for the sake of their families’ livelihoods. They are desperate for our help.

Floods in Zimbabwe flush everything away

9-year-old Natasha now finds herself at risk of starvation and loss of education following the unusual weather in Zimbabwe last year. When cyclones and hailstorms destroyed her home, her family’s poultry and her school books were all washed away by the floods. Her family, already poor prior to the disasters, is now unable to pay for the children’s school fees. As even food has become unaffordable, the family can only eat two meals of cornmeal porridge a day.

Our response

In response to the ongoing food crisis, World Vision will hold this year’s 30-Hour Famine under the theme “Heated Hunger”, with proceeds going to provide emergency food, nutrition and livelihoods assistance for starving families and children in Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Somalia.

Your donations will help starving families and children overcome the difficult times.


Provide 13 people in poverty with food assistance in partnership with World Food Programme in Zimbabwe


Provide 1 malnourished child with fresh food vouchers for one month's consumption in South Sudan


Provide farming tools and seeds for 1 impoverished family in Somalia

Please turn your kindness into action and sow hope for hungry children affected by natural disasters!

Special Thanks

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