Take a Walk in the Woods and Experience How Refugees Flee

We live in a world that never stops making progress. However, neither have the advancements in civilisation brought a halt to conflict, nor has economic development alleviated extreme poverty. Today, about 490 million people in the world are both hungry and affected by conflict. The conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and Rakhine State, Myanmar have caused refugee children and families to suffer.

On 6 April, may we come together in solidarity of starving refugees fleeing from conflict. Let’s walk hungry for refugees!

Event Details

Date & Time

Begin your fast at 1:00 pm, 5 April 

Gather for the walk at 11:00 am, 6 April


Aberdeen Sports Ground & Hiking Trails,
Hong Kong Island

Date: 5 April 2019 (Friday)
Venue: Own choice
Starting Time:
From 1:00 pm
Famine Walk
6 April 2019 (Saturday)
Gathering Point:
Aberdeen Sports Ground
11:00 am – 7:00 pm (Activities include Opening Ceremony, the Walk, Activity Booths and Closing Ceremony)
Aberdeen Sports Ground > Nam Fung Road > Lady Clementi’s Ride > Aberdeen Reservoir Road > Return to Aberdeen Sports Ground by shuttle bus upon completion of the 6-km walk
Difficulty level:(Please click here to read the safety guide)

* The event is conducted in Cantonese only.


  1. Not recommended for people with reduced mobility. Children aged 12 or below must enrol with a parent or guardian.
  2. The nature of the event requires each group to consist of six members. Groups with less than six members may be combined.
  3. Awards will be given to the top three fundraisers with most sponsors and most funds raised respectively, as well as to participants with a significant contribution (first-come, first-served).

After completing the Famine Walk, participants may proceed to the various activity booths to learn more about the countries affected by conflict and their specific needs.

The Plight of Refugees

South Sudan

South Sudan has been afflicted by a civil war since December 2013. So many South Sudanese have fled home in the past few years that there are over one million of them in Uganda alone. Conflict and extreme climate have seen families displaced and lost their livelihoods. While children lack access to food, clean water and sanitation facilities, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases.

As violence broke out back home, eight-month old Chok and his elder brother Jima were forced to flee their village with their family. It took them seven days of walking before reaching a settlement for displaced people, where the feeble Chok was identified as malnourished. He urgently needed nutritious food to survive.


The civil war in Syria has been going on for almost eight years since its outbreak in March 2011, disrupting the lives of millions of Syrians. Not only has the conflict put their lives at risk, it has also stripped them off their livelihoods and education opportunities. So severe is the crisis that even having enough to eat is not guaranteed. Furthermore, the never-ending conflict has kept refugees under constant fear and threat.

Fatima is a single mother. When the war broke out, she remained in Syria and provided for her six children on her own. Yet as the conflict escalated, they were finally forced to flee after four years. Having walked for six hours to cross the mountains on the border, the family finally made it to Lebanon.

Rakhine State, Myanmar

In August 2017, conflict erupted in Rakhine State, Myanmar. As of now, some 900,000 displaced are still seeking refuge in Bangladesh. The massive influx of refugees has become a great burden for the local communities, and many children have no access to nutritious food. The refugee camps remain in poor conditions, while floods and landslides regularly threaten their safety during the monsoon season.

Mahmuda and her family escaped Myanmar in August 2017 when violence erupted. They saw their village torched and neighbours violently killed. One-month pregnant at the time, Mahmuda walked for three days and nights to reach Bangladesh. She still has vivid memories of the journey.

Use of Funds

Proceeds from this event will support World Vision’s food security, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and livelihood assistance projects for children and families affected by conflicts in South Sudan, Syria and Rakhine State, Myanmar.


can provide 19 people with a month’s supplementary nutrition, including lentils, oil and salt


can provide 5 families with cooking utensils to help improve children’s nourishment


can provide 7 adolescent girls with hygiene kits

Special Thanks

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