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30-Hour Famine

9 – 10 April 2016
Feel the pain and struggles of 2-year-old Nyane and 800 million other hungry people, and help bring them hope! Love connects!

Skip A Meal

Skip-A-Meal in any day in April! Donate your saved money to support hungry families!

Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children

13 February 2016 (Saturday)
Start your Lunar New Year by walking in Indian children’s ‘shoes’! Raise funds and share your blessings with malnourished children in India...

School Talks 2015-16

Educate students to care about and to respond to poverty issues.

New Sponsor Orientation

Mar 2016 to May 2016
Learn more about the Child Sponsorship and how to communicate with your sponsored child...

Become a Volunteer

Put your love into action by becoming a World Vision Volunteer to make a difference in the world...

Practise Corporate Social Responsibility

Mobilise your staff to participate in charity and social services.

Follow Jesus Christ

Serve people in need. Help every child live life to the fullest.

 Latest News & Issues

Vision Voice Winter 2015

''2015 is not just another year, it is a chance to change the course of history.'' Has the world opened its doors for future generations to change history?


Issue: Education Crisis

Education breaks the cycle of poverty, yet millions of children are still out of school in poor countries. What are the barriers and how can we help?


 Ways to Give
Your Red Packet

This Chinese New Year, give a red packet to bring warmth to Syrian children amidst the freezing coldness!

Child Sponsorship

Your sponsorship can make a difference...

Gift Catalogue

Visit our new online platform and pick a gift to bless a needy child!

World Vision Partners

Reach out to the world's vulnerable...

World Vision China Partners

Care for the poor and vulnerable in China...


Help liberate the poor families from poverty...

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