Can you imagine how Syrian children survive winter?

Children Against the Cold

Syrian women and children use trash and plastic to start a fire to warm themselves up.
Winter is bitter to many Syrian children and families: displaced, freezing, sleepless and hungry. About 4.8 million Syrians became refugees in other countries and at least 6 million others have been displaced inside Syria. Their “homes” are makeshift tents or ill-equipped apartments that barely protect them from the region’s cold weather, as temperature drops below zero degree Celsius. Many of them sleep on the floor because they don’t have much furniture. Besides brutal violence, winter is also life-threatening to children without means to keep warm!

All moms and dads want their children to be warmed and well-fed, but when there is not much labour work in winter, money become stretched, refugee families struggle to feed their children. Syrian children and women can only resort to burning trash and plastic to stay warm, because they cannot afford a heater and fuel. This could only be a temporary solution but you can help! Your red packet can transform into source of warmth to bring heaters, blankets and food for Syrian children!

In one of the tented settlements in Lebanon, Syrian refugees endure the freezing weather without much appropriate gears and items. World Vision distributes blankets to the community. 5-year-old Ahmad (right) carries a blanket for his sick grandmother. Ali (left), 4, receives two blankets to share with his brothers.

Ghaliye, a mother, says gratefully after she received the blankets, "We never have enough blankets, thank you for your assistance.”

Ghaliye walks home with bags of blankets for her children.

World Vision staff distributes blankets to children and families.

Your red packet can help Syrian children and families survive winter by providing critical aid!

9 Months of Food and Daily Necessities
You can provide 9-month food and daily necessities for a Syrian refugee (in partnership with World Food Programme)

2 Months of Fuel and Heaters
You can provide 2-month fuel and heaters for 2 families to cook and stay warm

Blankets & Mattresses
You can provide blankets and mattresses for 4 families to keep warm at night

World Vision has been doing winterisation work in the region for the past couple of winters, helping particularly the most vulnerable. Join us to bring warmth to Syrian children by giving your red packet!

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