Prayer Support

We cordially invite you to pray, as Christ did, for vulnerable and needy people.

  • Pray for Emergency Relief

    Last Update: May 2017

    Hunger crisis driven by complicated factors, including drought and conflict, has left over 20 million people across East Africa in urgent need of humanitaian food assistance. More than 3.5 million children are suffering from malnutrition. In late February, famine was declared in two provinces of Unity state in northern South Sudan. Somalia is also on the brink of famine, and certain parts of Kenya and Ethiopia are approaching emergency levels of food insecurity. At the same time, those escaping conflict and hunger crises are increasing dramatically across the region; exacerbating the need to assist in multiple areas and contexts.

    • May God show mercy to the children and families who are starving in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Pray that aid can be scaled up and reach those in need promptly.
    • May God protect children from all kinds of violence and fear. Pray that they will stay hopeful amidst this difficult time and they can grow healthily.
    • May God grant peace and cease the violence in South Sudan. Pray for the leaders and stakeholders involved in peace efforts to restore peace successfully.
    • May God touch the hearts of brothers and sisters so that more will respond to this urgent need. May God bless the relief operations of World Vision as a living witness of God's love to the affected.

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  • Last update: December 2016

    It is almost six years, we still see no end of the raging conflict and bloodshed in Syria.  In December 2016, Aleppo, a strategically important city in the north,  has experienced heartless violence as families and children are being massacred.   Cold and hungry, children in increasingly crowded evacuation sites face danger from attacks.  World  Vision is responding to the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo Governorate: providing clean water and sanitation services, supporting health clinics and hospitals with equipment, and operating women and children centres. Winter items are distributed to vulnerable children and families to protect them from the cold.

    According to UN, Syria produces the largest number of refugees in the world, 13.5 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance.

    • May God grant peace and cease the war in Syria, so that civilians may resume their daily lives and end their suffering in conflict and warfare.
    • May God protect the families fleeing to safety, lead them to places where they can find help and rest.
    • May God provide host countries and communities with sufficient resources to assist the refugees.
    • May God strengthen the humanitarian teams in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Serbia, lead the work of World Vision and other agencies. May God bring in the necessary resources to help the suffering people and restore their hope for the future.
    • Among the 20 million plus Syrians, about 10% are Christians. Pray that their faith remain strong and they could experience God’s promise and power in such difficult time.
    • May God stir the hearts of brothers and sisters to remember continually the plight of Syrian refugees and help make their cries heard.

    A Prayer for Syrian Refugees

    Lord, we don’t understand what is going on in the Middle East
    We come to you and plead with you to be merciful
    To guide us, to help us
    Not to despair
    To help us see what we can do

    even if it is something small
    in order to meet this tremendous challenge
    that is in front of us
    We pray for everyone who is involved to alleviate suffering
    among the refugees
    Lord, we want to believe that things are not out of your control
    You have your own loving purposes
    And we pray that somehow you may draw some good out of all this evil
    We pray for the sake of your kingdom

    and in Jesus name

    by Dr. Chawkat Moucarry
    Interfaith Specialist, World Vision USA and a Syrian born Christian

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  • Last Update: October 2016

    In early October, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti, putting the already poor country in deep distress. Over 1,000 people have been killed and approximately 2 million people are affected.

    • May God comfort those who have lost their families and homes, especially vulnerable children, in the aftermath of the hurricane. May God restore their strength and courage to get through this difficult time.
    • May God take control of the hygienic condition of the affected areas, and minimise further impact of potential cholera and other waterborne diseases outbreaks.
    • May God lead the work of World Vision and other humanitarian agencies; grant them wisdom and strength to respond quickly, so the affected can rebuild their homes and overcome the challenges of shortages of food, water and shelter.
    • May God move brothers and sisters in Christ to lend a helping hand to the affected people. May God use World Vision staff to be His witnesses as they serve the children and families.

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  • Last Update: July 2016

    The continuous downpour on the mainland has affected multiple provinces in southern China, including Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Sichuan. More than 200 people are reported killed or missing, while at least 32 million people have been affected by the prolonged rainstorms and severe floods. Tens of thousands of houses were destroyed or damaged, and nearly 2.65 million hectares of farmlands turned into flooded fields. Water levels in about 200 rivers have exceeded warning level which will likely overflow.

    • May God stop the torrential rain and flooding, help the survivors awaiting rescue to receive aid in time.
    • May God comfort those who have lost their families and homes, give them strength and courage to rebuild their livelihoods; and may their hope for the future be restored.
    • May God lead the work of World Vision and other humanitarian agencies; grant them wisdom and strength to respond quickly to the vulnerable.
    • May God open the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ that they would lend a helping hand to the affected people. May God use World Vision staff to serve as a living witness of His grace and mighty love to the children and families.

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  • Last Update: April 2016

    On 16 April evening, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the central coast of Ecuador that left hundreds killed and thousands injured. Buildings and roads have been destroyed and there have been hundreds of aftershocks. The government has declared a national state of emergency.

    • May God comfort and strengthen those who have lost their families and homes, especially the injured and terrified children.
    • May God stop the aftershocks and toppling, and protect the victims awaiting rescue and aid.
    • May God guide the work of World Vision and other humanitarian agencies, grant them wisdom and strength to respond quickly to the needs of the affected children and families, and restore their hope for the future.
    • May God open the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ that they would lend a helping hand to the affected. May God empower World Vision staff in Japan and Ecuador to serve as a living witness of His grace and mighty love to the suffering children and families.

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  • Pray for the Needy Children

    Issue Date: November 2015

    According to UNAIDS, there were 36.9 million people living with HIV in 2014, and about 2 million were new cases.

    • May God have mercy on the people living with the illness in despair; grant them courage and strength to receive treatment. May God remember the orphans who lost their parents to AIDS and keep them safe and healthy.
    • May God lead governments to address the impacts of HIV/AIDS on children and women, and carry out effective policies to control HIV infection and ensure proper care for the affected people.
    • May God lead the work of World Vision in organising education and remedial programmes to help vulnerable and marginalised groups, and affected families would receive support through mutual help groups and medical services.

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  • Pray for the Needs of the World

    Issue Date: May 2017

    The World Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches, along with church-related networks and organisations and partners, are promoting the 21 May 2017 to be observed as a “Global Day of Prayer to End Famine” in faith congregations worldwide. Christians across the globe are urged to pray and respond to those caught in the hunger crisis.

    About 20 million people are facing starvation today in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen. 1.4 million children in these four countries are severely malnourished and their lives are threaten. Millions more in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia are struggling with drought and acute food shortages. The UN says this could be the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

    • Pray for the millions of people struggling to find food and water. May God grant them timely assistance and heal children suffering from acute and chronic malnutrition.
    • Pray for an end of all kinds of violence. Conflict is the common denominator across all four countries currently facing famine and children become especially vulnerable due to various stresses on communities and families.
    • Pray that governments and world leaders will contribute and share their resources with the impacted countries, and take effective measures to eradicate hunger. Pray for the upcoming G7 summit in Italy on 26-27 May where world leaders will meet.

    Learn more about the Africa Hunger Relief.

  • Issue Date: October 2013

    It is estimated that nearly 32 million girls worldwide are still unable to attend school and complete their education due to financial, institutional and cultural barriers.

    • Financial constraints in poor families often stop older girls from continuing education. These girls are asked to stay at home for housework or to find a job to support their families. May God help these poor families acquire sufficient aid to cover the education expenses of their children.
    • The journey to and from school can be risky for girls, especially when they must walk long distances. May God grant them peace and keep them safe as they travel.
    • Some girls are deprived of the basic right to education because of the gender discrimination in their family or societal cultures; some girls are forced into early marriage. May God speak to the hearts of their parents so that they would treat all their children equally and respect girl’s right to education.
    • May God honour the desire of the girls to become educated; grant them perseverance; help them develop their potential and live their life to the fullest. May God lead the national governments, developmental agencies and NGOs in their effort to fight for equal educational opportunities for girls.

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  • Issue Date: August 2013

    The number of unemployed youth continues to soar globally. An additional 3.5 million young people have gone jobless since 2007. Many countries are facing serious challenges in tackling this global youth unemployment crisis. The chance of a youngster going unemployed is nearly triple to that of an adult.

    • In developing countries, increasing numbers of youth find themselves remain underemployed. May God lead the national governments in creating more stable and quality job opportunities for young workers, so as to alleviate the issue of working poverty.
    • May God lead the work of World Vision in poor communities where it provides vocational training to youths looking for proper skills to increase their earnings, and to empower them to live more independently and confidently.
    • Vocational training could also bring hope to young women by equipping them with new skills that would land them a job more suitable for women (e.g. sewing instead of quarrying). May God help more young females obtain these training so that they could work in a safer and more suitable environment.
    • May God teach the youths in developing countries diligence and the right attitude towards money; grant them the aspiration to change their communities and countries through properly acquired knowledge, skills and wealth.
  • Pray for World Vision of Macau Association

    Last update: September 2017

    • God is abundant. He has given us abundant resources to share with others. Pray that we could bless poor children afar and spread love across the world.
    • Pray that Macao residents would be united as one and be the voice of the poor, and practise love for the vulnerable.