Thank You for Bringing Hope to Children with Disabilities!

This year, the Used Book Recycling Campaign ended successfully on 13 August. All donations will go to Tianjin Wuqing Children Rehabilitation Centre to provide rehabilitative training and special education for children with disabilities, so that they may taste the joy of being able to stand.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported this event, AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Ming Pao Daily, Plaza Hollywood, all sponsors and volunteers. Without their full support, the 10-day used book charity sales would not have been so successful.

Hope for Children with Disabilities

2-year-old Fangfang is very active in class, he likes to interact with others and loves to be embraced. Who would have noticed that he suffers from hydrocephalus? Fangfang was abandoned by his family and eventually overcame his darkest days when he experienced difficulties in eating, sitting and communicating with others. His life began to change the day he arrived at Tianjin Wuqing Children Rehabilitation Centre.

The Rehabilitation Centre takes care of children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay or Down’s syndrome. Cerebral palsy affects children’s motor skills and speech. At the Centre, children learn how to take care of themselves through rehabilitative training and special education, so that one day they can lead a better life. Specialised facilities, rehabilitative braces and equipment are essential for children to train up their body and physical strength, however, these equipment need replacement every one or two years. With limited resources, this is a challenge to the Centre.

It takes Fangfang five hours a day to learn through interactive games to train his body coordination and mouth muscle. Day by day, his condition improved; proving that with the right and appropriate treatment, children with disabilities can also unleash their immense potentials.

When you donate or buy books for this year’s Used Book Recycling Campaign, you are supporting Tianjin Wuqing Children Rehabilitation Centre to provide suitable equipment, rehabilitative training and special education for children with disabilities!

In August 2017, World Vision Hong Kong held a public fundraising event for the Used Book Recycling Campaign. Please click here for the audit report. 

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