This year’s Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children was successfully held on 4 February. Over 1,600 people joined the Walk at The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club and raised around HK$1million to support children in South Sudan!

Thank you for your participation! Our gratitude also goes to our partner The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, event ambassadors Tsui Wing and his family, supporting media and groups, sponsors and volunteers!

You can view the event photos on our Facebook page soon. Share your love, share your experience! Invite your friends and family to donate or become a child sponsor to help more children in need.

What is "Peace"?

South Sudan has been suffering from a ruthless conflict since 2013. A total of 1 million people have fled to neighbouring countries and 1.6 million others are displaced inside South Sudan. More than half of those affected are children.

Some of the war-ravaged children shared what peace means to them:

Nagal (11)

Nhial (10)

Nyatap (8)

Use of Funds

World Vision has been providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced in South Sudan. In 2015, our work reached
1.3 million people, of which over 630,000 are children. However, renewed violence in July 2016 and food insecurity continue to add challenges to the already-torn children and families of South Sudan.

All funds raised from the Walk this year will certainly alleviate the conditions by bringing much-needed aid to them.


can build a block of latrine in a temporary settlement


can train 12 caregivers to prepare nutritious meals for malnourished children


can support 12 households to purchase assorted vegetable seeds

Last Year’s Donations

Funds raised from last year’s Walk have gone directly to support a child health and nutrition programme in India. About 27,000 under-five children and their mothers have benefited from the programme.

Mothers and caregivers learn to cook nutritious meal with local ingredients for their children.

A baby receive growth monitoring at health centre to make sure she is growing healthily.

*The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club offers all-round support for running the event by managing the activity and venue arrangement, and providing full financial support in transport, setup, “Refugee Meals”, refreshments, handicraft workshops and performance.

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