For a Brighter Future


For a Brighter Future

Access to education represents a powerful weapon that will help children be at the forefront of the fight for a fairer and better world. World Vision Lebanon’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme provides girls and boys aged 4 to 5 with access to quality early childhood education while developing the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to prepare for primary school and further education.

“I want him to be more successful than me,” says Adam’s father. 5-year-old Adam has been following the ECE programme for four months already, and nothing seems to be strong enough to keep him from his education, not even the harsh living conditions created by his situation as a refugee. His strong will to learn is reinforced by his parent’s motivation and desire to see him succeed: “I want to become an English teacher in the future,” he says assertively.

Carine, Adam’s teacher, has been part of the ECE programme for the past two years, convinced by the power education holds upon a child’s future. “Helping vulnerable children is essential and I find education to be very important,” she says passionately.

Children living in informal tent settlements and their parents are not ready to resign themselves to their situation but want to learn and build a better future. By taking part in the ECE programme, children are making a concrete first step toward their dreams.

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