A Young Advocate’s Journey to COP28


A Young Advocate’s Journey to COP28

Last year, Nomin, a sponsored child and child leader with World Vision in Mongolia, participated in COP28. There she had the opportunity to be part of a global community of passionate, young climate activists, as well as global leaders and decision-makers in the COP28 dialogues.

“I have gained valuable insights that have broadened my vision for a green future in Mongolia. As a result of being introduced to a range of diverse perspectives and innovative ideas, I was inspired to bring home sustainable initiatives for my country.”

“I believe that children’s voices matter in a platform like COP28 because we can offer valuable insights and solutions. Despite the perception of children as ‘vulnerable’, we have the potential to contribute significantly to development and positive change.”

At COP28, Nomin actively engaged in various impactful sessions on resilience in the face of disasters, global collaboration for climate action, climate solutions, and loss and damage funding. Nomin was interviewed by Mongolian TV, where she highlighted the importance of amplifying children’s voices at global forums like COP28. Nomin shed light on the daily challenges children in Mongolia face due to climate change, stressing the critical role of youth in combating climate change. Her focus was clear - to ensure the voices of young people reach national leaders.

“We play an influential role in shaping the global climate narrative, so we need to speak up. I will take all these experiences and insights back to Mongolia so that I can champion a sustainable and resilient future in Mongolia.”

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