My Dream Came True Because Someone Cared for Me


My Dream Came True Because Someone Cared for Me

By Garima Chaulagain

“At times, we really struggled financially because my father was the only one earning money for our family of four,” recalls Pragati, a former sponsored child from Nepal.

With limited income, Pragati’s family was unable to provide for the basic needs of the children. One day, when Pragati was about 10 years old, a lady visited her home, talked to her parents, and registered her in the sponsorship programme. Since then, she and her family’s life has been completely transformed.

With the support of Child Sponsorship, Pragati was provided with school supplies her family could not have afforded, such as school bag and stationery, which motivated her to study harder. Receiving letters from her sponsor also made her feel loved and cared for. “I knew my sponsor was from Hong Kong, so I used to feel like I had a friend in a foreign country who cared for me,” adds Pragati. Along with the support for Pragati, her mother received various training, which enabled them to participate in savings groups and increase their income through agriculture, improving the family’s livelihood.

Equipping to Move towards the Dream

Attending the recreational sessions for sponsored children organised by World Vision was the turning point in Pragati’s life. “Beforehand, I used to spend time at home being an introvert. But those sessions completely changed my life as I started communicating with other children in my community, discussing the issues we as children had been facing and learning to become more confident,” says Pragati.

Soon, Pragati also took the lead to form a children’s club with all the sponsored children in her village and was nominated to be the treasurer of the club. Through the club, she started engaging in activities such as cleaning campaigns and awareness campaigns, on issues faced by women and children in her community. She also got the opportunity to participate in training on child protection and life skills. “Receiving training and conducting campaigns through the children’s club really empowered me. I soon realised that these experiences had given me a new purpose in life – to serve my community,” Pragati recalls.

Pragati then started to pursue her dream of enhancing her community’s development. Eventually, she landed a job as a Social Mobiliser in Good Neighbours Nepal, a local NGO partner of World Vision. Now 26 years old, Pragati has fulfilled her dream of giving back to her community and is keen to continue her work in the community development sector. Pragati’s parents are very proud to see their daughter transformed from an introvert to an individual who is now working to serve their community. Her father says, “Our daughter Pragati is an example in our community. When people say how wonderful our daughter is, I feel proud to be her father.”

“When I get to meet whilst working, World Vision’s sponsored children in my community, I see myself in them. I hope their lives will be positively transformed by Child Sponsorship like mine,” says Pragati.

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