Making Soap to Enjoy Better Livelihoods and Hygiene


Making Soap to Enjoy Better Livelihoods and Hygiene

By Kambani Phiri

Last year, World Vision Zambia conducted soap-making training to empower members of savings groups in Isoka to produce their soap, sell it at an affordable price, and help the community’s needy.

“We are very excited about the soap-making project. With this, we are very hopeful that we will be able to improve our group income-generating activities, which will result in our children going to school and meeting all basic needs,” says Richard Kabaye, a participant.

The soap-making project also helped improve the sanitation and hygiene levels of the community.

“We have many women struggling in this community, who cannot afford the soap sold in the shops. Hence their families are struggling to keep their clothes and themselves clean. So, we are very thankful to World Vision for this life-changing initiative as we will make it possible for all households to have access to soap,” says Dorothy Nakamba, another group member.

World Vision Zambia uses the Savings for Transformation project model to build resilience for vulnerable families. Men and women in poor communities set up their own groups, which enable them to save money together in small amounts and lend to one another when needs arise, such as family members’ illness, children’s education, and falling income due to droughts.

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