Becoming a Community that Supports One Another


Becoming a Community that Supports One Another

By Leoniza Morales

Svetlana and her two children are among the millions of refugees who left behind families, home, friends, work and school in Ukraine. They escaped Odessa and found refuge in Moldova.

The ongoing crisis has resulted in increased mental health issues among the displaced people. World Vision’s No Peace of Mind Report highlights that over 1.5 million children from Ukraine are at risk of suffering from mental health issues as a result of being exposed to the horrors of war. It has also increased the care burden of women and they continue to bear different and additional burdens of being displaced in their country or as refugees in neighbouring countries.

“I know that many after crossing the border, they couldn't even talk. Our women were withdrawn, they could not communicate,” Svetlana shares.

In May, they found the Refugee Accommodation Centre Stefan Voda, and since then she and her daughter has kept on visiting.

“I need to come and communicate with women. I need to learn the news. We learn not only news in the world, but also about ourselves, we hope that would be useful in the future,” says the 43-year-old mother.

“These classes help me a lot; I am very happy here. We are being looked after, treated well. I like coming here because it's a lot of fun,” says her 11-year-old daughter Liza who attends the centre’s activities.

World Vision and local partners are helping displaced families meet their immediate needs by providing supplies such as food and hygiene kits, and help them adapt to the challenges of living in a foreign country through counselling sessions, therapeutic activities, homework support and language courses.

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