Dear Reader,

In recent months, we may have cared more about our families and what we have at home. We know how much food, cleaning agents and hygiene products are left. We may even wonder whether we have got enough, often with a sense of anxiety, fear or simply taking things as they come.

This epidemic has not only made us take a good look at our own lives, but also turned our attention to the lives of others living in this prosperous city, especially those who do not have enough or are helpless. We’d bring one or two extra masks to give away, learning again what it means to share.

World Vision has noticed that certain vulnerable groups are struggling to acquire personal protective items, such as surgical masks and hand sanitisers. Seeing the desperate needs, we hope to reach out and help them. We have been procuring these items through different channels, and as of late February, we have distributed over 40,000 items through our “Share and Support” Scheme.

We would like to thank our five local partners: The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship, The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship, Mission to New Arrivals, Jubilee Ministries and The Parents’ Association of Pre-School Handicapped Children, for their collaboration with us in delivering the protective items into the hands of those who need them most.

As the epidemic continues to spread, World Vision’s local offices in the affected countries will draw up their own response plans according to the actual needs. In Mainland China, our first batch of protective items has been given out to people in need in Luanping, Baihe, Duchang, Shicheng and Honghe counties through our partners. We are also thankful that none of our sponsored children has been infected so far.

In the face of the epidemic, I would like to encourage you to not lose hope. Please follow good hygiene practices and care more for the people around you who are in need. Together, we shall overcome.

Yours sincerely,
Irene Wong
Acting Chief Executive Officer

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